Who’s the woman behind Sugar & Spyked?
She is a mother first, daughter, granddaughter RN by day, pastry chef by night and Cannabis entrepreneur 24/7. Sugar and Spyked was started as self care to balance out my life from the stress of working as an RN. I went into nursing thinking it would be so emotionally fulfilling and it one of the hardest things I have done as well as being the most hectic on my emotions, so Sugar and Spyked was my waY to relax and bring joy to the ones I loved.
What are some difficulties you have to face as a black female boss post-pandemic?
The most challenging thing post-pandemic specifically with having a pastry business is it’s like starting all over again and regaining people’s trust. We are primarily a catering company so during the pandemic event stopped and so did our business. So it’s regaining the momentum and finding new clientele as well as keeping the ones we had. Being a women of color as an entrepreneur, the struggle is always finding financial support to help you grow.
How did you get in this industry?
I went into baking because it was always something I loved, turning it into a business was by accident. We started just baking for friends, then I got introduced to an actress by the name of Melina Gay who at the time was on “Young and the Restless” but also had her own podcast at Roscoes Media Center. We started to sponsor her weekly show and would be onsite to give dessert to all her guests. This was just the start to us catering for celebrity and red carpet events. It’s grew organically and on its own.
What is your signature sweet to bake?
Our Lemon Drop Martini Pound Cake.
What’s the hardest thing you have to deal with as a black own baker that most people wouldn’t know you all deal with?
Just finding resources to help your business grow and take to the next level.
Photo Credits: Sugar and Spyked