Atlanta host the 7th annual Black Writer’s Weekend. 

In a world full of Tiktokers, vloggers, and viral volunteer news reporters, it’s easy to forget that words are still being printed on paper. Black literature gets muddled in a sea of ideals created to, once more, silence black voices. But every now and then, you find someone willing to bridge the gap and remind young authors that written words still matter. And in Atlanta Georgia, creative wonders young and old obtained a place to come together in literary bliss.

From the AAMBC Awards to the 7th annual Black Writer’s Weekend, host, creator and award-winning author Tamika Newhouse have not disappointed in the slightest. What seemed bound to be a strictly virtual event for enthusiasts turned into a hybrid event in person and online. Famous authors far and wide, upcoming and aspiring writers and media professionals came together to celebrate another year of successful projects. Executive press from Harlequin Editors came and allowed writers to pitch future book concepts! There were screenwriting classes taught and conducted by the ultimate storyteller Tim Orange, and even an acting workshop for the aspiring. Full podcasts, radio interviews, book signings, and panels took place over a 3-day event and reminded everyone why they picked up a pen or shared verbal wisdom in the first place. 

Sheen was able to get footage from one of the most epic days of the weekend, and share it with our readers and viewers. 

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