Rashad Garrett has taken having faith in a completely new direction. Explaining how all you need is faith the size of a mustard seed to break through and conquer life.

Can you tell us more about who is Rashad Garrett?  

I am Rashad Garrett, owner, and Chief Executive Officer recognized a substantial need of service to those suffering from mental health stability. My passion and interest propelled me to not only bring awareness to mental health, but research options to provide an affordable, yet convenient option to help the community, while servicing divergent individuals and groups.  My multifaceted vision birthed The Faith of a Mustard Seed corporation.  I was born and raised in the Sunnyside/South Acres community in Houston, Texas.  My ethnic and religious backgrounds played a key role in my very own mental health obstacles.  As a Black man, we are taught to work and provide for our families.  There is no room, nor space to effectively express our thoughts, burdens, feelings, and tears; furthermore, we create this unrealistic facade that “prayer” alone will solve all problems.  It is in those notions that inadequacies, insecurities, depression, anxiety, and anger are derived; and as result behaviors are displaced. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Corporate Communication with a minor in Financial and International Business (University of Houston-Downtown), a master’s degree in Public Administration with a concentration in Policy and Procedure (Texas Southern University).  Becoming a teacher in inner-city schools, offered rewarding moments, but were overshadowed with restrictions and the devaluation of one is worth; however, through his mentorship practices with students and personal obstacles with mental health, cultivation arose.  Building a business and helping others would also yield rewarding opportunities and freedom.  The freedom to create and develop a safe environment coupled with proper support and resources for mental health maintenance for the betterment of self.

Can you tell us a little more about “Faith of a Mustard Seed Therapy?” and why you chose this name for your app?

I chose the name Faith of A Mustard Seed without thought based on the representation of so many different areas of growth, strength, stability, health, and inner peace. I wanted the community to feel like they are here with a purpose and they can find the support they need to get them through a long day or hard week. It just takes the support, push, or motivation the size of a mustard seed to help someone think differently, believe harder, care more, believe they are good enough, drive them to do the unreachable/ unthinkable. All you need is the faith the size of a mustard seed to break through and conquer life. 

What motivated you to create this amazing Black-owned app?

The Faith of a Mustard Seed (FOAMS) family is determined to change the trajectory of mental health in all communities by providing an innovative and technologically driven alternative approach to serving those in need.  The betterment of self and mental stability was key in the development of the FOAMS application.  

Users can complete and participate in an array of activities within the application:

  • Schedule Telehealth sessions with licensed and certified professionals
  • Embedded journaling software
  • Podcasts
  • Religious program streaming
  • Business/Entrepreneurial Courses
  • FOAMS Merchandise Boutique

It is our belief that by providing these services, we are offering real solutions to monumental problems that have become growing threats within our community; thus, providing a safe environment for individuals to develop, sustain and yield positive results as it pertains to their mental health.  We the FOAMS family, take care of our family, which is you!  Welcome!

What type of therapist can be found on this app?

We have an array of professionals specializing in:

  • Regular and Family Therapy
  • Psychologist’s
  • Psychiatrist’s
  • Life Coach and more

What are your expectations from those that use the app and therapist that is available on the app?

My expectations are major. I want to see the communities across the nation serviced by the family that we have here at the faith of a mustard seed therapy, becoming a household name and touching the lives of millions & having a positive contribution to society.

If other therapists are interested in being added to the app, how would they go about doing so? 

That clinicians can logon to our website and complete the employment application. We are not a directory service. We want to make sure that we provide the community with its needs.  

How can people follow? 

The community can follow by downloading and engaging with everyone in their surroundings. Please keep in mind were growing. We need the love and support of our community to set the town like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & TikTok have. For more info, click here.



All images by Image of Memories Photography by Tish