Black beauty brands should never be slept on. When I tell you black-owned beauty brands are the brands that come up with the most innovative, inclusive products… I really mean it. Whether it’s haircare or makeup, these brands always have our back. Today, I’m dedicating this entire post to black-owned beauty brands because now, more than ever you should be discovering the many different brands that will soon take over your beauty must-haves collection.

photo obtained from Hyper Skin

Hyper Skin

Though I don’t believe I have acne prone skin (break outs usually occur when I’m not watching my diet), we all know that feeling of seeing a pimple turn dark. I’ve recently discovered Hyper Skin – is a beauty brand that I’ve grown to love in these past few months. I ove this Hyper Clean Vitamin C Serum because it is so weightless on the skin. It’s great for everyday use and contains those vitamins we need for our skin (vitamin E and C).

photo obtained from Oui The People

Oui The People

Body hygiene is a must, it always is in my book! I’m always on the edge about doing things on my own when it comes to caring for those places we all hate to discuss. I discovered Oui the People’s rose gold razors on Instagram and was immediately hooked. I had to have it. I’ve never used a razor like this in my entire life, it’s truly a staple in my book. I love that you don’t even have to use shaving cream with this razor.

photo obtained from Revolve


First off, I had no idea Briogeo was black-owned but I’m so glad I know that! I am a huge fan of their hair care products and will support the brand even more know. The brand’s Don’t Despair, Repair hair mask is a must-have item for me. It’s so nourishing on the hair and includes great ingredients including rosehip, sweet and argan oil.

photo obtained from The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar

If you’re a loyal reader of our publication, the you know how much we adore The Lip Bar. The brand is truly killing it in the beauty industry. I love so many products from the brand from the lipsticks to the face powders! I really don’t have anything negatiev to say about The Lip Bar.



Featured Image obtained on the official website of Hyper Skin