NowThatsTV is steadily rising on the list of networks to do it BIG! Owned by Teleau Belton, entertainment manager, and socialite, among many more things, the network was created to independently provide creatives and filmmakers with endless opportunities to not only showcase their works of art but also to excel. Belton began his journey of success as the founder of Conceited Magazine before expanding his talents to artist management, photography, and videography. 

I got a chance to ask the owner about what sets the network apart from its competition, what subscribers and fans of series on NowThatsTV can expect, and how creatives who yearn to work can get their chance.

With the rise of many black-owned networks, what sets NowThatsTV apart from its competition?

Well, I can’t speak for other companies or networks, but my company is structured with people that have similar employee traits that relate to or compliment me and the process of running the business in an efficient and successful manner. This is a pressure filled industry, and to be competitive you must have a team of diamond makers to handle the pressure. I am a hands-on CEO and I apply pressure and expect results. The team that I have created so far, performs under pressure to complete the task. I push my team and myself to limits that I sometimes aren’t sure whether we will make it or not, but we pull it together and produce results. We brainstorm, plan, and execute.

Tell us about NowThatsTV week in Atlanta. What can subscribers and fans expect?

NowThatsTV week in Atlanta will begin with the premiere of Big Lex Baddie Collection season 2, on Sunday 9/25/2022. This will be followed by an after party. During that week, there will be an open house to introduce the company to Atlanta, two days of live auditions, and We are also considering a meet and greet event as well, but those details are still pending. In October, we are also planning another open house for those looking for positions.

How would someone go about pitching a new series to the network or applying for a position?

We are a network that is always looking for fresh and new content and ideas. The focus is on fresh and captivating new concepts that have an abundance of originality. Outside the box thinking would be an understatement. We are here to help pave new lanes for platforms to have a voice. You can contact us with your ideas or resumes at Get paid with NowThatsTV or submit resumes to

Image courtesy of NowThatsTV