“I had to make my own living and my own opportunity. But I Made it! Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.” -Madam CJ Walker

There are a few ladies that definitely believed they could and they did! Listen y’all the DMV is bringing that heat! I love supporting my black businesses and when I tell you these 5 women and their businesses have made a name for themselves! They are literally amazing and deserve some love! I am about to give you a run down of my go to spots if you’re ever in the DMV area! I mean gotta support we all we got! So please see below 5 black businesses that will blow your mind!

  1. The Spice Suite – If you are looking to spice up your life a little go on and check out the spice suite for some great exotic spices,oils,vinegars, and more that will make your tastebuds smile! Be ready for an amazing experience! Check out Spicesuite on their Instagram.
  2. Herlistic – Listen if you are looking to enhance your self-care routine look no more Herlistic oils,and the skin care line is amazing my favorite oils are the plum and rose oils! You can use them all over your body making you feel super soft after! Checkout herlistic on Instagram.
  3. Arryles– OMG listen I love me a good head wrap,headband etc. but baybeee you never had a good quality headband until you experience ARRYLES! The headbands are made with the most beautiful fabrics and when I tell you they are made with amazing quality! You can’t tell me anything when I’m rocking my Botanic safari headband lol its just that chic and BOMB yes yall I had to take it back to old slang for just a second lol but seriously check out ARRYLES on Instagram and get that luxurious experience!
  4. Faanigye – Who loves to feel soft, & have your skin glowing from head to toe??? MEEE I do and I am sure you do too! When I tell you Akua has thee best unscented vegan and did I forget to say gluten free shea butter that will have your skin glowing and thanking you! Check out Faanigye on Instagram today!
  5. Kim Reid- Okay okay I love to have me a nice bun,or a doobie (yes, jersey girl here) lol for those don’t know it’s a wrap, silk wrap whatever you choose to call it but listen I been rocking my knotless braids and I could not have gone anywhere else but to my girl Kim to lay hands on my head! She is hands down the knotless braiding queen! Please check her out for all your hair needs on Instagram.

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