According to Forbes black women represent 42% of new women-owned businesses. Black women are the most educated group of people in America. This is according to the National Educational Center for Education Statistics. This is the first time in history that black women have led the way in higher education. It is great that we as black women have made incredible strides in recent years. However, there are some hurdles that require our attention.


While black women are starting businesses at an alarming rate the revenue generated is below the poverty line. In the 2019 report released by American Express the average revenue for a black woman in business is $24,000 while revenue for over-all women owned business is $142,900.

Black women must command their worth in their business as well as career. It is past time for us to be compensated fairly. Looking at our history Madam CJ Walker became a millionaire because she refused to accept what was offered to her and demanded more.

Given our current climate your gifts and talents are greatly needed and should be valued. Negotiate your package whether it is in business or career. Create an inventory skill set listing your degrees, certifications, professional development, media, etc. Once this list is created write a monetary value next to each item on the list. When these numbers are calculated this will give you a rough estimate on how much you have invested in yourself. Knowing how much you have invested in yourself will help you feel more comfortable in commanding your worth.


Right now, Blacks are dying at twice the rate of whites with COVID-19. Black women with college education are seeing their babies die at a higher rate than white women who did not complete high school. When we look at chronic conditions like hypertension and lupus the numbers are alarming.

Hypertension (high blood pressure) affects 43% of black women. Over a period of time hypertension can cause heart damage, kidney issues, and stroke. The cost of prescription drugs and other healthcare expenses can become awfully expensive when living with a chronic condition.

Lupus is an autoimmune condition that primarily affects women. However, lupus affects women of color 2-3 times more than whites. Recent study titled LUMINA concluded that 1 in 537 black women are diagnosed with some type of lupus. It is estimated that 10-15% of people with lupus will die prematurely due to complications.

As a black woman keep in mind no one knows your body better than you! Use a journal to keep a record of anything that you feel is atypical with your body. When going to the doctor keep a list of your concerns handy and if the doctor does not acknowledge your challenges maybe it is time for a change.

Be proactive about your health. Do not wait until dis-ease comes to start taking care of yourself. Invest in a wellness coach so you can have help in restoring your body. Your body is actually designed to heal itself it just needs some help from you!


Black women are paving the way of the future. Although we have some hurdles our future has never been so bright. As we continue to excel the sky is truly the limit, we just need to love ourselves. Love is the foundation to us knowing our worth and treasuring our bodies. Whenever you need a reminder of your worth listen to these positive affirmations.

Walk in your brilliance. You are a bold, beautiful black woman and the best is yet to come!


This feature was submitted by Cassandra Hill

Cassandra is an inspirational expert in health and wellness, women’s empowerment, spirituality, and women in leadership. Relying on God and a holistic, natural regimen to heal her systemic lupus is what originally sparked her knack for transforming lives. Visit to find out how Cassandra’s healing hands can touch and transform your life.