Brittany McCarthy is a native from Lindenwold, NJ, who is now living her dreams in Brooklyn, New York. She is a proud graduate of the 1st Historical Black College, The Lincoln University. Most importantly a “Boss Mom” who is inspiring mothers around the world daily. This “Communications guru” is now the hottest new author of children coloring books. She and her daughter, Kyla Bailey, is taking over the coloring book industry with their “Look What I Can Do” coloring book and workbook series for all ages.

This mother and daughter author duo has produced over seven variations of “Look What I Can Do” coloring books. Each version focuses on different subjects for various children to learn.

  • Alphabet

  • Shapes

  • Back to School

  • Cursive Writing

  • Daddy and Me

  • Holidays

  • Black Women in History

Just to highlight a few books. Look What I Can Do- cursive writing edition, has been a great learning experience for elementary children learning cursive style learning.

 “Many schools have recently taken out the curriculum to learn how to write in cursive. Being a parent myself I still wanted my daughter to learn cursive style learning. Many studies have shown how cursive writing helps with brain development. I created this book to help many parents and students who still believe in cursive writing. “

Look What I can Do! – Daddy and me, was a dedication to all the fathers especially the black fathers of the world. “Black men are target daily in our world. I wanted to bring some positivity to black fathers who are very active in their children’s lives. Kyla and I are blessed to have active fathers in our lives. We dedicated this book to my father and Kyla’s father,” says Brittany McCarthy

While we all are celebrating March-Women’s History Month, Brittany and her daughter Kyla created a new coloring book that focuses on Black Women in History.“We are so excited about this launch of our new book. We know many people celebrate black history in February, but black history should be celebrated 365 days a year. This book honors many of our past and present black women heroes. I was inspired and dedicated to create this book from one of my own heroes, my Aunt Linda, who recently passed away last year in 2021.”

Through the pain of losing a family member Brittany wanted to make sure that we never forget the women who fought hard for black people to have a future today.  This book is a great way for children to learn about history beyond the classroom. The book is made for all ages even adults will enjoy learning about black women in history.

All the books can be purchased and ordered online at

Photo credit: Andrew Fennell