For 40 years Black Women’s Health Imperative has been dedicated to educating about their health and encouraging black women to get regular checkups and focus on taking care of themselves. Recently SHEEN Magazine had the pleasure of attending Black Women’s Health Imperative’s 40th year celebratory gala held in Atlanta, GA. During that time we were able to catch up with supporters, members, and even BWHI’s founder, Byllye Y. Avery.

Ms. Byllye discussed while during her youth she recognized there was a need for help in our black and brown communities and not only were our girls not getting the care they needed,  they weren’t being properly educated on properly caring for themselves mentally and physically. With the founding of BWHI (originally National Black Women’s Health Project) in 1983 by Ms. Avery; BWHI has been able to contribute to reproductive justice, maternal health, chronic disease, and so much more.

Several guests were in attendance at the gala including; Ebony Steele, Dr. Candace White, Rashan Ali, councilman Michael Bond, and so many more. The prestigious event was held at Georgia Aquarium’s Ocean Ballroom adorned with beautiful signage displaying ‘Black Women’s Health Imperative’ as a reminder of the organization’s hard work and dedication.

If you weren’t able to attend but you want to be a part of the cause you still can. Simply click the link below and donate. Remember every dollar helps to continue providing resources for our black women. Remember to stay educated on your health. 

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Photo Credits: DPU