A good skin care routine can leave your skin feeling totally refreshed and glowing. It adds to your self esteem and great energy for the day and night. Great products have the ability to aid in the glow of your skin and smile. Blk Nova Beauty is a new brand created by Ragean Goodman-Marshall and was her brainchild during the worldwide pandemic. A business maverick she speaks on the importance of reinvention; “The reinvention of oneself is the points in life where we evolve and experience true mental, emotional, spiritual or physical growth based on a change in perspective or situations we are present with,” she says. She launched her line at the top of February during black history month to give the culture something new to explore. On why ensuring that your skin is well nourished and taken care of she says, “Well nourished skin ensures that it has the ability to properly heal. It acts as a barrier against daily pollutants and free radicals.”

As an entrepreneur how do you approach customer service?

When it comes to customer service, I approach like you do anything in life “Treat others how you want to be treated.” When it comes to my customers, I want to ensure they receive all that they expected and more. Each experience and interaction should be enjoyable from beginning to end.

Have you ever experienced a lack of support from family and friends while in business and how did you handle that?

I have experienced a lack of support and initially it really bothers me and made me doubt my ability to own and run a successful business; but after taking time to look at my business and the type of customers I wanted to serve I realized that wasn’t just my family and friends. I shifted my focus to serving the type of women I created my brand for. Now don’t get me wrong I have some friends and family that support me like the best bra in the world but for a while my vision was clouded by those who didn’t.

Has faith been a part of your journey?

The Most High has been a major part of my journey. Through all my slip-ups and stumbles I know that I have been kept, blessed, and highly favored.

If you could go back to encourage yourself at a time when you felt low as an entrepreneur what would you say?

I would tell myself “Life doesn’t give you what you want; it gives you what you need, in order to obtain what you want.

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