In honor of Women’s History Month, BlkWomenHustle® has launched with The BlkWomenHustle Collective, their mission is to provide 100 Black Women with direct access to industry experts for their business needs, at an economic investment.

BlkWomenHustle WHY

According to the Harvard Business Review, 17% of Black Women are in the process of starting or operating a new business. While it’s no secret that Black Women are the most educated and fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S., we remain overlooked, underpaid, and underfunded.

The BlkWomenHustle Collective is shifting that narrative and positioning by providing opportunities to Black Women entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives to become and remain the most visible, highest paid, sought-after, and legally protected. While the need and cost to consult with multiple professionals can result in a 4-5 figure tab, BlkWomenHustle Collective created this initiative for women to do more without breaking the bank.


BlkWomenHustle Collective serviced 5,000+ individuals and entities to provide 2,000+ legal contracts, copyrights, and trademarks, generate $500,000+ in marketing campaigns and content, obtain an average of $50,000 in business credit, and save $1+ million in business taxes. Now they are aiming to add to the results for Black Women-owned businesses through this latest initiative.


BlkWomenHustle Collective engages participants in two hours of consultations with a business and entertainment lawyer, certified public accountant, business credit consultant, and marketing strategist to educate and distribute resources for:

  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Maintaining business tax and financial compliance
  • Qualifying and obtaining business credit
  • Amplifying digital marketing and online visibility

The BlkWomenHustle Collective is led by BlkWomenHustle® Founder and marketing strategist Lashawn Dreher, top business and entertainment lawyer Lerae Funderburg, Esq., bonafide tax expert Pam Bell, CPA, and wealth strategist Rachel Gibbs, CFEI.

You can learn more about our efforts linked at The BlkWomenHustle Collective.