Last weekend the fans lined up to meet the lovely queen of reality tv, Yandy Smith and celebrate the launch of her skincare line, Yelle at Bloomingdales. The serial entrepreneur was decked out in yellow sequins and a dazzling smile to match. Yandy not only made time for interviews, but she was also able to engage with her fans and speak with them about the different products that Yelle Skincare has to offer. 

Not only was the beauty mogul educating spectators on her product, but she was also taking pictures, conducting interviews, and parenting her kids. That’s right, you read that right. This business mama takes “bring your kids to work with you” to an entirely different level. The best part about that moment was the fact that the kids had their Yelle sales pitch down and ready to answer questions about the products as well. Along side the kids were husband Mendeecees who supports his wife’s entrepreneur endeavors to the fullest. With all that was going on it was no surprise that SHEEN Magazine had to make sure to grab Yandy for a quick interview to find out just how does she do it, and by it with mean; mommy hood, wife things, reality tv, movies, multiple businesses and more. 


SHEEN: I know that you are excited. The one thing that I must tell you is that whenever your product is somewhere, you are there representing. 

YANDY: For sure. 

SHEEN: Something else that I love about you is the fact that you stated that you tested the product out before you started to put it out there. What was that process like for you?

YANDY: In the beginning I wanted to the coco melon line, the watermelon line, and the strawberry line. So, I had all these different scents and the product. When I tell you that baby that it was causing me all kinds of rashes and breakouts, I was like, “this ain’t it”. This doesn’t work. So, then I decided to strip everything, and I just went back to the basics. All-natural plant based, and I didn’t add anything else as far as scents. Then I tested that out for a year and half to almost two years and it was amazing. The issues that I was having with my skin, the dark circles under my eyes were being healed.  So many different things that I needed to be done were getting done with my skin. I was like, “this is it”. I let my friends and my family try it out as well and then we released it when it was ready.

SHEEN: Awesome. I love that. So, you are a wife, you’re a mom, you’re a serial entrepreneur. How do you find balance or is there even balance?

YANDY: So, the fact that people ask me this question all the time is so funny to me because I have not changed my answer for ten years now because there is no such thing as balance. Now what I do is I prioritize. There’s no way I can get babies, dad, kids, work, school, whatever, 50 percent. So sometimes babies get 90 percent, and work gets 10 percent, and husband gets 30 percent. So, it just depends on what’s priority that day and then I prioritize. The thing that I have had to learn how to do is not beat myself up with “mommy guilt”. I also overlap. If you look around, you will see my kids and my husband. We must get that out of our heads that there is “balance” because sometimes there’s just no “balance”.

SHEEN: Kudos to you for teaching your kids entrepreneurship.

YANDY: Oh yeah. My babies gone learn the business. 

SHEEN: How do they feel about that, are they ready? 

YANDY: Amir is more excited about working than I am. He’s like, “Mom what are we doing today”, and I have to say, “You have school”.  They have an entrepreneurial mindset. I’m fine with that either way. Just have some goals. 

SHEEN: Congrats to you. Guys make sure you are supporting her. She’s at Blommingdale’s and we want to keep her here. We are manifesting.

YANDY: That’s right. We want to keep the products on the shelves at Bloomingdale’s, but we also want them off the shelves with sales.

SHEEN: Before I let you go. Is there anything we can anticipate for the summer for Yelle. 

YANDY: Yes. Yelle for The Summer at Underground Atlanta. We give small business visibility to showcase their products, showcase their services. It’s two blocks long and we have hundreds of vendors and they sale all day long. So, you guys make sure that you come out and support. I will be posting about it. I love to see you. If you have a product or service come on out. 

SHEEN: I am coming to vend.

YANDY: Come on.


SHEEN readers heard it here first. Yelle For the Summer, Underground Atlanta. Small business owners this is where you want to be. Make sure to follow Yandy’s page and get ready for your summer glow up. Make plans to boss up. Now is your time, this is your season, and Yandy is helping you get your brands and services out there. No more excuses. Ignite your inner boss and we will meet you in Atlanta, GA.