While Dodi Whitley, Founder of Body By Dodi Products is a Visionary with the spirit of an entrepreneur, more urgently she began as a Brown girl in America trying to find skin care products that addressed her skin issues without the harmful additives and chemicals. 

Her innovation of creating products with all natural and potent ingredients, not only transformed her skin, it helped transform her life. She was moved to create quality skin care products to help others experience similar results.

Since her launch of Body By Dodi in 2017,  the products have made an impact in the quality of skin care for women, men, and children of all ages and races. Her “magic in a bottle” products might be less about the ingredients and more about the magic that’s in her. The creator who is also a Health and Life Coach began to appreciate EVERY part of herself during her journey of holistic wellness, as she continues on it she’s helping others do the same.

She shares more about her mission in an Exclusive Interview for Sheen below:

What is one important thing you wish people knew about health and skincare?

I wish more people knew about the importance of reading the labels on their products. I’ve learned that what you put on your skin matters! A lot of people believe that products do not penetrate the skin, but that is not true. Your skin will allow ingredients to penetrate and with the use of emulsifiers, it may even travel to your bloodstream. Many popular products contain ingredients that have been linked to hormone changes, reproductive concerns and cancer to name a few and my desire is to educate people regarding these concerns and provide quality products.

What made you decide to start Body By Dodi?

I started Body By Dodi because I wanted to make a difference. I’ve been where most people are when they are on their natural journey. I remember being misinformed, feeling like nothing worked for me and going back to products that contain harmful chemicals because I ran out of options. I don’t want that for anyone else, so I started Body By Dodi.

What are you most proud of that Body by Dodi is accomplishing?

My proudest Body By Dodi moments come when I receive feedback letting me know that my products changed someone’s life. It never gets old and it always makes me cry. I am very attached to the brand and started it to positively impact the lives of others, so the people side of it matters most to me. I am happy that Body By Dodi is allowing people to see that relief and improved skin health is possible at a reasonable price.

What do you believe has been the key to Bodi By Dodi’s Success?

Hands down, integrity! I stand behind my products every step of the way. If the product is not right, it will not be sold. When anyone purchases a product, they can rest assured that the product is going to do what it says it will. Integrity is key to me in my personal life, so it’s even bigger in my business and my clients know this. Body By Dodi is becoming a trusted brand in the community and to me, that is success.

Is there anything else that you would like to share?

Yes. The Body By Dodi brand is growing! I am now looking to add more hair care items to the product offering and I am so excited! This is a huge deal for me because I started by making my own hair products after being diagnosed with alopecia. With the switch to natural products, my alopecia has gone away and I am so thankful for that. I can’t wait for the world to try the new additions!

For more information about Coach Dodi Whitley and Bodi By Dodi products visit the official website.