DreamBody Studio takes us to a paradise to achieve the body of your dreams.

Let me take you to paradise to get the body of your dreams!

Imagine a place where you can go to get your derriere sculpted and your tummy a bit flatter without doing months of hard work or going under the life. That sounds like paradise to me! Well, you needed not imagine any longer, paradise is based in Atlanta, GA and its called DreamBody Studio. Mikkie Tiquir’a, a licensed medical esthetician is shaping celebrity bodies without a scalpel!

Celebrities and well frankly, all of us flock to DreamBody Studio with owner Mike because she puts her whole being into this. Of course, there were med spas and spas here and there, but it wasn’t just strictly body contouring so she introduced this to everyone and is pretty much the pioneer! She is always up on the new machines and tries to maximize your results. She says her drive to be in the know comes from clients coming in wanting to look like they just got off the lip table without all the recovery time.


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