2020 has been THEE year of over the top ad and social media campaigns from Dove #PassTheCrownCampaign, to Mr.Planters RIPPeanut, oh let’s not Zoom’s virtual background campaign. Brands pivoted with purpose and notability. Sheen recently had a moment to sit with the owner to discuss social media trends and what it takes to run  one of fast growing social media agency’s Bomb and Bossy.

Sis, Bomb & Bossy give us the deets!

Bomb and Bossy is a social media marketing agency that helps brands explode their social media presence through viral content. Our mission at Bomb and Bossy is to curate unique marketing campaigns to keep our clients ahead of the competition. 

How did you get started? 

Bomb and Bossy was a vision that was planted in me during the summer of 2017. I would attend a lot of networking events and was inspired to start my own brand by the panelists and entrepreneurs who were spotlighted. That same year during the fall, I went to New York Fashion week for the first time and that experience inspired me even more to start a business. Once I got back to Chicago my motivation was on fire and brought all my inspiration back to a fashion design company that I was working at during that time. This particular company is where I got my start in social media marketing. I worked there for two years, and built their online presence while also bringing in A-list clientele from my marketing strategies. When I came back from Fashion Week I asked the CEO for a raise. I didn’t get the response I was hoping for. In fact, two weeks later I was fired through email for “Not having the skills they were looking for”. To this day I wonder if it was really the “Skill” or the question of the raise and asking for what I was worth. The next day after getting that “Last Day” email is the same day Bomb and Bossy was born! I gave myself 30 days to launch my business and that’s what I did. I created my own website, logo and hit the ground running to find my first client. Since then, I’ve helped over 400 businesses grow their online presence through my one-on-one services, online courses and workshops.

What brings all the bomb and Bossy brands to the yard?

I’ve always known I was different. When I was younger I used to sing the pledge of allegiance over the microphone when I was only in second grade and was voted most likely to speak in front of a large crowd when I was in 8th grade. Throughout life I took on many leadership opportunities because I knew I wanted to be in the position to lead. To winning a leadership award from the mayor of Calumet City IL, to being crowned Miss Black Western Illinois, to competing in speech competitions, my light shines through my preparation to be who I am today. I’m in a position to lead brands to greatness and use my voice and creativity to inspire them to go to the next level in business. Something that shines has brightness, and I’m the brightness that fills up a dark room, encouraging and leading everyone in the room to follow the light.

Our readers are dying to know, what is your example of the perfect client!

I look for clients who have a vision, a story, and a product that they believe in. It’s one thing for me to believe in a brand. But it’s another for a brand to believe in itself and know they are BEST in their industry. Those are the type of clients I work best with because when they come to me with that energy, I know it will be an easy win for both of us.

Can you provide 3 tips surrounding your business.

For anyone who would like to improve their social media marketing my first recommendation will be to get creative and tap into your childlike mind. As adults we can overthink and have this limited belief in our minds that we are not good enough or can make ourselves think that someone won’t like what we do. But if you think about when you were a child, we have fun, we have an imagination and we try anything. That’s the type of thought process you want to have when it comes to marketing your brand. Creative and fun marketing is what wins people over and it ultimately can lead to a viral marketing opportunity. My second tip will be to have a marketing plan. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by social media, or if you’re inconsistent. Having a plan, and setting marketing goals will help. My third tip will be to be consistent and don’t look at the numbers. Stay consistent and share meaningful messages that your audience will care about and the growth will come.

6.Describe Bomb and Bossy In 5 words, GO!

Empowering, knowledgeable, authentic, exciting, and organized.

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