How many times have you found yourself listening to your old school playlist longing for that nostalgic sound that takes you back to a time where you were at ease? If you’re anything like most of the mature crowd we can only imagine your playlist is filled with soulful classics drizzled with a tad bit of hip hop. Ironically that’s just what Bonita Sings delivers. Recently SHEEN had the pleasure of getting to know Bonita Sings. 

SHEEN: How long have you been doing music?

Bonita Jalane: My whole life out the womb! But I would say over 20 years. That includes being in an award winning gospel choir, to my beginning singing hooks for famous Rap groups like Dipset, 3 six Mafia (Crunchy Black) and Wu Tang Clan ( Raekwon and Ghostface)and Mickey Factz to dropping my first single ever independently in 2012. 

SHEEN: What would you say your inspiration is?

Bonita Jalane: My biggest inspiration is life. Being able to have a talent I call it my super power, to write and perform is a true gift. Anyone that can set out to pursue a dream is an inspiration to me. 

SHEEN: When it comes to your style of music what genre would you say fits you best? 

Bonita Jalane: Of course like many artist might say I don’t want to be put in a style box (laughs) but I would say Nostalgic music, a mix up of Jazz, Soul, Hiphop And R&B 

SHEEN: When you’re in those moments, and you’re prepping to record, what are some things you do to really challenge your emotion?

Bonita Jalane: I’m a candle person. I’m constantly in prayer mode and meditation. I make my manifestation and intentions clear of what I need before I step into a studio, booth or stage. 

SHEEN: In the world of artistry, some say that today’s imagery is over sexualized. When it comes to you, your sound, your look, how hard is it to maintain decorum and class?

Bonita Jalane: It’s not hard at all,  to each its own. I’m in my own lane, I move on what feels good to me. I was raised to be modestly dressed. I may not wear the long church skirts but I know that I can be sexy in a way that exudes class in my way. I feel your style is your uniform and what people perceive of you before they get to know you. So when you see me I want you to say, wow she looks exactly like she sounds and it’s beautiful.  

SHEEN: Who were some of your inspirations while rising up in the music industry.

Bonita Jalane: So many! If I had to narrow it down it would be Lauryn Hill, Eyrkah Badu, Dinah Washington, Usher, Betty Wright, Sade, Qtip, Outkast, Common and Jill Scott. That’s still a lot right? lol. 

SHEEN: If you had a dream collaboration who would it be?

Bonita Jalane: USHER!!!!!!!!

SHEEN: You have several new things coming up. Tell our readers what’s next for you?  

Bonita Jalane: More City Winery dates coming up, listening party for my album “KKF: Kept Kissing Frogs, Follow me on sign up for my mailing list and follow me at @Bonitasings for all updates on Bonita Jalane. In the meantime make sure to download my new single So High Out now on all digital outlets everywhere. 

We all have just been educated on the sounds and mindset of Bonita Sings and we don’t want to leave. Bonita is taking us back and keeping us in the know with her soulful classic sound and current moods of today and we love to see and hear it. SHEEN looks forward to seeing and hearing her more often, as her journey is just beginning.

Photo Credit: Mel B Elder Jr