A book can be a physical symbol of love exchanged between pages.  For some, books are a therapeutic release to imagine, dream and wonder.  There’s actually a National Book Lovers Day to celebrate all lovers of books and for those that create them.  Author, Katrina Denise, is a two-time, published children’s book author who first had a love for reading and dreaming.  As most kids she enjoyed playing school as a child. However, her initial career interests weren’t in education but rather television production.

She began a career in production but was later left unfulfilled. Katrina then recalled her childhood memory of writing a poem.  Unfortunately the provided poem was for her deceased father’s homegoing celebration. Despite the occasion she enjoyed being able to celebrate with words.  This later led to her career in education and as a published children’s book author.

Katrina recalls her favorite books to be:  The Harry The Dirty Dog book series as a child; Siddhartha; and the biography of Winnie Mandela.  As a reader she appreciated emotional and realistic fiction.  Her love for books later prompted her to write fictional stories with diverse characters that were realistic.  While mentoring with her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.; she found that many children were saying that reading was boring or that the characters were unrelatable.  She even encountered some youth who were struggling with low self esteem.  

photo by Kirby Griffin

Katrina discovered that she needed to write the stories to empower readers with her children’s books.  Her stories present windows for the young readers to see themselves. Katrina strives for her books to serve as mirrors for the children to dig deeper and envision themselves beyond social media likes such as Tik Tok or etc.  Imagery is powerful and she strives for her books and its characters to instill the powerful messages of self-love, family and encouragement; one page at a time. Readers can connect with Katrina Denise on her official website and on Instagram. Katrina also highlights diverse books through her blog, “Katrina’s Book Bag”,  which is accessible through her website. Celebrate National Book Lovers Day on August 9th by purchasing a new book for yourself or someone else.

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Writer, C. Scott, is a mother of one; author, social worker, early literacy interventionist and entrepreneur.



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