Book Profits Club’s 2x Author All-Star Awardee, Dominique M. Carson’s influence stretches far and wide. From the business world to the literary world, and the media world, Dominique is a beacon of hope. Dominique is gearing up for the fall 2023 release of a book collaboration project she’s a part of titled, The Whole Entrepreneur. Join us as we dive in and empower you with her career and story.

Congratulations on becoming the Book Profits Club’s 2x Author All-Star Awardee. What does this honor mean to you?

Dominique: I am truly thankful to God, it just shows me how and why hard work pays off, and let God continue to orchestrate the events and people in your life. I am starting to see the fruits of my labor and it just reminds me that my hard work, blood, sweat, and tears weren’t in vain. It is such a phenomenal feeling when people recognize your craft because it’s not easy writing a book, especially in today’s climate. And so as a 2x Author All-Star Awardee, it reminds me that stories matter and why I aim to leave a mark in people’s lives like a pen.

What can you share with us about the upcoming book collaboration project you’re a part of titled, The Whole Entrepreneur? Please tell us about how you got involved and what your book chapter is about.

Dominique: The Whole Entrepreneur is a collaboration book project I’m working on with book extraordinaire, Taurea Vision Avant and 18 authors that bring together well-informed material and experience from successful entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, business owners, and coaches. With a focus on strategies for achieving success in all aspects of life, including business, career, wellness, and life balance. The book is an excellent resource for anyone who is looking to build a successful and fulfilling life as an entrepreneur. With its nuggets, I know for sure the book will be a go-to guide for entrepreneurs and business owners everywhere.

You’ve had such an inspirational career in journalism so far. What do you love most about being a journalist and why?

Dominique: I have been a journalist since I was 16 years old, so it’s been a 16-year journey and I am forever grateful for the evolution: from high school journalist to professional media analyst. Teen Summit, a show on BET caught my eye as a child and now I have the ability to be an author to the world and interview so many notable people in American culture. To me, one of the best things about being a journalist is that you can inform, edify, persuade, and entertain others through writing. It’s a gift in itself and it’s a gift that I aim to master more and more; you can never be complacent. I would have to say in the arena of journalism, writing is necessary, it’s the core, the foundation, the missing piece to the puzzle, and the nucleus. I love informing others about the importance of journalism vs. blogging because it’s a study and craftsmanship.

As journalists, we need to give accuracy, brevity, and clarity, and ask those difficult questions that will raise an eyebrow so we can get to the heart of the story. Journalism just gives me the chance to use my 5 W’s and I can produce excellent quality work. Therefore, I love challenging myself as a freelance journalist but applying to different opportunities or fellowships that will take my journalism career to the next level.

During the time you’ve served as Program and Communications Coordinator for Man Up! Inc what did your work entail? ‘

Dominique: I interviewed young adults for our youth programs, collaborated with Program Aides on several projects that highlighted social activism in East New York, Brooklyn, monitored the quality of service provided to young adults, evaluated work-site placement, and assisted in the development, recruitment, and procedures of the organization. I worked with adults and walk-ins on job etiquette, and soft skills in the workplace, critiqued resumes, and cover letters, established relationships with employers that will help Job Development participants receive employment and/or training, and attended meetings & seminars pertaining to job development. During my time at Man Up! Inc, I received a citation from the New York City Council and the “It’s My Park Award,” from the Partnership for Parks for community engagement in my hometown, East New York, Brooklyn.

You’re also the author of Jon B: Are You Still Down? What would you like our readers to know about this literary piece?

Dominique: I decided to write a book about Jon B because, for starters, he is one of my favorite artists of all time. When I was a little girl, I had a crush because I really respected his artistry and swag. Secondly, I interviewed him, so I already had a glimpse of his interaction with the press and that sealed the deal. I believe Jon B. doesn’t receive enough as an artist because he is multi-talented and knew he wanted to be an R&B artist before he entered the music business. Most white artists have to start off as pop artists before they can fully transition to R&B. Hence, they may have to be R&B artists to get their foot in the door, but Jon was not having it at all. Lastly, it was his fight to be an R&B artist that prompted me to write a biography about him. Readers would learn so much more about Jon B and his rise to superstardom. You can achieve your goals as long as there is passion and purpose behind your mission. Learn from your failures, ignore the naysayers, take risks, and let your talent speak for itself.

Any advice you can share with aspiring writers and media professionals at this time?


1. You are a writer, it’s already in you, you must believe it. 

2. Continue writing, it’s craftsmanship and there is always room to grow. 

3. Participate in clubs and organizations that would allow you to showcase your work and offer resources. 

4. Submit work to different contests, high school/college media, & off-campus. 

5. You must be passionate, if you want to be a writer for monetary purposes solely, you are in the wrong profession. 

6. You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable; do not be afraid to step outside of the box. 

7. Don’t be afraid to change your priorities to match your opportunities. 8. When you begin to understand your purpose in life, opportunities will knock at your door unexpectedly.

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