It’s cold outside, and it’s cold season. Meaning, these chillier months are rough on our bodies with harsh temperatures and super dry winds. That said, extra and intentional love for ourselves this season is a must. And Osmosis Beauty is helping us do just that with their wellness boosting elixirs to combat the winter season.

Osmosis Beauty offers elixirs for blemish treatment, stress treatment, hangover relief, digestive support, and more, all formulated with 24-karat edible gold and targeted frequencies, to bring balance and help restore overall well-being to the body.

With a philosophy to analyze the skin and body as a whole, Osmosis Beauty is creating exclusive skincare and wellness technology that holistically restores the skin and body to a youthful and toxin-free environment. The brand promotes healthy skin and permanent results with skincare essentials that my face and body love. So, when I first heard about the dietary wellness elixirs, I was excited to learn more.

Initially, the thought of drinking pieces of gold left me skeptical. But, I was intrigued. After researching, I realized that the company’s wellness elixirs are definitely a game changer. And before we get into the elixirs, let me tell you a little bit about edible gold and why it’s a crucial ingredient:

Gold is an all-natural, non-toxic mineral that has been used medicinally for centuries. The earliest records of the use of gold come from Alexandria, Egypt, over 5,000 years ago. According to research, gold is said to have a harmonizing effect that is easily tolerated by the body without interfering (or interacting) with other medicines or drugs. The restorative properties found in gold have shown many benefits for medicinal and healing purposes in treatments such as (but not limited to) several forms of cancer treatments, dental work, arthritis treatments, and surgeries to repair blood vessels, bones, membranes, and nerves. Gold is also used to reduce dependency on alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and carbohydrates, as well as help rejuvenate sluggish organs, especially the brain and digestive system.



Osmosis Beauty’s 24-karat edible gold supplements are taking an inside-out approach to health and beauty. The innovative beauty and wellness brand developed a collection of lifestyle elixirs formulated to bring balance and help restore health to the entire body. Founder, Dr. Ben Johnson, MD explains that “all of our cells are actually derived from waves of energy. So, when you can treat the body with a frequency that’s harmonious and promotes health, you actually can affect the health of your cells at the root source of their existence…It is holistic and beneficial to you in every regard.”


Handpicked, are five of Osmosis Beauty’s unique, wellness-boosting elixirs to help start your year off right and combat the chilly season:



For flawless skin and healthy digestion, this supplement is a must-have. Skin Perfection contains edible 24-karat gold, and exclusive clinically proven technology that targets the source of redness, inflammation, and blemishes. Top benefits include balancing digestive causes of Rosacea, Eczema, and Psoriasis, as well as targeting blemishes. The elixir is flavorless, (similar to water) which makes it pretty easy to consume!



Improve your odds during cold and flu season by giving your immune system a boost with this innovative elixir! Immune Defense is designed to help the body remove pathogens including viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Taking Immune Defense also addresses potential pathogen causes of a host of autoimmune and non-autoimmune conditions, and assists the body to heal itself.



For pancreas and sugar regulation, the Sugar Detox Elixir is a supplement for those who have diabetes, sugar intolerance, high sugar intake, sugar cravings, and/or consume a lot of artificial sweeteners. This elixir fights sugar cravings, harmonizes nerve health, and minimizes the effects of artificial sweeteners.



Celebrate with one too many? This game-changing elixir comes in handy as it encourages a natural alcohol detox process and minimizes hangover symptoms. The targeted frequencies and 24-karat edible gold assist in replenishing energy levels and reducing hangover symptoms so you can recover faster. To use, shake well, then take five pumps before bed and again the following morning.



Experiencing bloating and/or constipation? Get relief from an imbalanced digestive tract with this essential supplement addressing acid reflux symptoms, bloating, and bowel irregularity to support a healthy digestive system. This elixir is safe for all ages and for animals!

To use each of the elixir supplements, shake well, then take five pumps (or the recommended amount) in the morning and at night. For those weighing above 175 lbs, Osmosis Beauty recommends taking seven pumps.

Osmosis Beauty acknowledges that they are not claiming to cure or treat any of these conditions. Vitamins and supplements don’t replace proper sleep, exercise, water, and a healthy diet; however, they do assist with filling in the gaps where there are deficiencies. Which elixirs are you going to try?

More Osmosis Beauty elixirs and other essentials are available on, Dermstore and Amazon!