As the Bia song goes; “It’s a whole lot of money in this….” and this Boss Lady is showing us how to get it! Lakeisha Marion is a bestselling author, wealth strategist, investor, mentor, licensed minister, board certified professional life coach, and a multi-level marketing guru. Most importantly, she is a leader with a heart for God’s people; all people. Her passion is to educate her community in the subjects of financial literacy, real estate investing, and entrepreneurship. That same passion has afforded her the opportunity to mentor thousands and lead them towards their own financial freedom, success story

As a Black woman/woman of color, what do you consider your super power to be?

I most definitely see resilience as one of my super powers. Having the ability to bounce back and overcome obstacles is something I have learned to master. I don’t look for reason why I can’t. I always choose to focus on my reason why I will.

Tell us about your business.

My Wealthy Women’s Winning Circle Academy is a unique mentorship program. I provide leadership development training, personal development education, personal wealth strategies, financial literacy training, confidence building workshops, sales training, and real time success strategies for women. My unique approach has afforded me the opportunity to train and mentor than 25,000 women. We hold quarterly retreats. These retreats are designed to help women elevate in every area of their lives.

What inspired you to go into this industry- I would say knowing people are struggling every day to pay their bills, women having low self-esteem, women losing their hope, and wavering in their faith ignited a passion in me to show there is a better way. I never want to say I didn’t at least put forth the effort to educate someone that looks like me and share a similar story. I always say if you can look up you can get up. I want to motivate professional  women to say yes to wealth building through real estate. I want to be their guide and help them avoid some of the same mistakes I have made.

What thoughtful/encouraging piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

I would have to say to bet on yourself from the beginning. Know you can obtain wealth without having to compromise. Go all in for your goals no matter what.

If you could thank any Black woman history maker for her contributions to society, who would it be and why?

Oprah would be my choice. Seeing how much she gives back shows me that’s it not just all about me. I will always reach back and help another sister succeed. I will always commit to giving without having to be told I should. Paying it forward is what it’s all about.

What are your thoughts on taking risks? 

Risk taking is a part of business. If you are not willing to take a calculated risk, you’ll never grow. You have to decide how bad you want a thing and decide am I willing to go for it or am I going to never know and simply wish for without taking action.

Making mistakes?

Mistakes help you get better. You learn not to ever do something again or what adjustments you need to make. Everyday is a chance to improve. Every mistake comes with a lesson. It’s our job to make sure we get the full understanding of the lesson.

Tell us about your business and why you chose this?

I chose to help people increase their money IQ and develop personal wealth strategies because there is always money to be made and opportunities to build assets over liabilities. If we are smart and maximize those opportunities and master leveraging, we will become unstoppable. We won’t depend on anyone else to make things happen for us. We will have the initiative and discipline needed to build real wealth. Financial literacy is my passion and I’m committed to helping people avoid some of my previous mistakes.

What are 3 success habits you implement into your daily routine to maintain your success/sanity/peace of mind, etc.?

I begin each day with prayer and thanks. I rehearse everything good going on in my life. I list why I am grateful and I open myself mentally for greater opportunities. I follow up on things I didn’t get done the day before. Lastly, I write out my daily goals and hold myself accountable for accomplishing them.

Who is your biggest inspiration? Why?

My mom has always inspired me to be great and be smart with my money. She always told me to accomplish things she didn’t. She wanted me to own a house, now I have a super high value real estate portfolio. I’ll always be an owner and it’s because of what she taught me.

Define innovative techniques you apply to your craft.

I think outside of the box and I speak up for what I want. I make noise to attract what I want and who I want to work with. I say I’m the best at what I do and work to get better and invite others along my journey towards my best.

What are the three most important factors of being a successful woman?

Being confident, consistent, and courageous definitely. You have to believe in yourself. You have to put the work in. You have to take risk. These things are essential if you to want to become successful.

What does collaboration over competition mean to you?

It’s what I do all day every day. It’s how I grow. It’s how I impact more people. It’s how I made it this far and it’s how I will continue to make it. It’s all about the team for me. It’s about being lonely at the top because I didn’t go alone.

What’s next in your business?

Everything coming up next  is an extension of what I am doing now. I have been giving back for more than a decade. I am committed to taking that to a greater level. I want my life’s work to inspire and equip other young women that have a desire to live a wealthy lifestyle. I want them to know you can do it grace and dignity.

How can we help you?

You can refer women that are looking for a way to build wealth for themselves and their families to connect with me. I want to connect with more women that are looking for a mentor to help them make wise money decisions. I want to help as many women as I possibly can obtain generational wealth through real estate investments and other income generating opportunities.

Give us 5 tips about your business?

  • Work on your money method mindset
  • Come up with a financial goals
  • Consider a working budget
  • Analyze your spending
  • Pay off your debt fast

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