As the host of The Brandee J Show on, Brandee’s inspirational drive and unwavering determination has caught the eye of notable guests such as Mayor Todd Gloria, Hip Hop Artist Rick Ross, the legendary singer/artist Dionne Warwick, Comedian Luenell, Hollywood Actress/Comedian Torrei Hart, NY Best Selling Author Zane, and many more high profile celebrities.

Can you tell us more about who is Brandee “Kurvy” J?

Yes. Besides being a crazy mom like my son tells me, lol, I’m a woman on a mission to change the world! Growing up I was teased by family members and outsiders because of the color of my skin, personality, body size and anything else you could think of. I have decided to use those experiences as my fuel to go after my dreams! A dream that gives women a platform to be themselves and love who the hell they are!

Can you tell us more about the Brandee J Show?

That’s my baby! I was turned down by other media platforms for red carpet, hosting, and doing media due to not looking the part according to Hollywood standards. I got tired of the door being shut in my face but I was not going to quit. So, I got mad and created my own media platform, “The Brandee J Show”! A show that discusses real issues and people. A show that defines the media in every way! A show created and produced by a real ass woman!

What are some topics that you touch on with your show?

We discuss overcoming trauma, how to pursue your dreams, guests’ journeys and everyday life. One of my favorite topics is shining a light on mental illness in Black communities.

You have dedicated yourself to changing how mainstream media perceives Black women in the media, can you tell us about your mission?

It’s simple; growing up I did not connect with anyone on television. I was programmed to want to look like those I saw on T.V. – skinny, blonde hair, etc. It was so bad as a child I begged my dad to dye my hair blonde, which he did, lol (that was a huge mistake). I also developed eating disorders as a child because I wanted to be skinny, not realizing my body type was not designed for that. As I got older, I was over trying to change me for others and that is when it became my mission.

You never saw a self-loving, positive kurvy woman on television. For me that was my everyday life! My grandmother Sara, my mother and my aunts are all kurvy, positive, elegant and strong women. I felt that is what we were and are still missing in mainstream media.

You’ve also launched a publication Luxe Kurves Magazine, what was the motivation that led you to create it?

The same motivation that led me to launch my media empire was the same reason why I launched my magazine! Showcase kurvy, plus size women in the light they deserve to be showcased! 

Do you believe that things that you, unfortunately, went through as a child, helped you to get to where you are today?

OMG yes! And I am happy I went through them! It shaped me to who I am today. I do not take anything back because without my battle scars I would not be who GOD has intended me to be!

With this being mental health awareness month, what advice can you provide to women, specifically young girls that have or are going through abuse, and are not sure how to talk about it?

WOW! Talk about it and seek help. Do not let others deter you from getting help so you can heal. Healing is so powerful and through it you will be able to see yourself in your TRUE form. I’m not going to sugar coat anything. It will be hard as hell but it’s POWERFUL!

What can we expect from Beyond the Chair in the future?

A WHOLE LOT! I have some new production projects I am currently developing. Projects I LOVE! One is a foodie show with my partner that is amazing! The other one is….. well I’m not saying lol. Just wait and see!

How can people connect with you to learn more, as well as continue to follow Beyond the Chair?