Rockford, IL – Brandy Collins-Wimbush, mortuary expert and one of the co-founders of Collins and Stone Funeral Home, is commemorating over two decades of serving the Rockford area by giving back.  With over a quarter century of experience, she is an expert in mortuary services and the funeral process. Through the span of her career, she has gained a unique skill set, built a respective network and displayed resilience that has set her apart as an entrepreneur.

As a female entrepreneur of service, structure and on a mission to pour sincerity and humility back into her community, Brandy Collins-Wimbush has provided complimentary funeral services to numerous families in the area. After losing her own brother, Renaldo Donell Stone, she understands firsthand the feeling of losing a valued family member and pillar of the community. Renaldo Stone was a co-founder in building the business and a major supporter of Brandy Collins-Wimbush.

Heeding her desire to teach others how to run the funeral process and assist grieving families, Brandy Collins-Wimbush will soon launch group workshops and programs that will educate future morticians on how to run a funeral business and serve their communities. The classes are specifically developed for both aspiring morticians and established funeral service workers dedicated to improving their craft. They will be offered virtually and in-person. In addition to learning all the functions of a funeral, participants will also learn business tactics, how to aid mourners, guide clients through the decision making process, on-the-ground logistics and transportation, and much more.

Brandy Collins-Wimbush aspires to lead other women into the mortuary science business with strong values, sound strategy, and genuine compassion for others. As a powerful African American woman, she understands the importance of creating opportunities to educate the next generation of morticians and opening the field for women.

Photo Credits: Collins & Stone Funeral Home