Center of Influence Publishing, the anthology arm of the Center of Influence Community, launched their flagship anthology “How to Break the Glass Ceiling – And Still Keep it Nice!” on Friday, July 21 at the National Entrepreneur Center in Orlando, Florida.  This special evening was also a way to celebrate the fact that this book made it to number one in four different categories on Amazon.

“Our Authors are sharing their wisdom to help the next generation of female executives,” said Center of Influence Co-founder Mindy Scarlett.  “I think the dedication says it all “We dedicate this book to the trailblazing women who carved the way for us.  To the new generation of female executives, we hope you, too, will soar high above the proverbial glass ceiling, and we hope the following generation will be saying “What glass ceiling?”

The phrase “breaking the glass ceiling” was coined in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It is often attributed to Marilyn Loden, who used the term during a panel discussion on women’s career issues at the 1978 Women’s Exposition in New York. Loden used the metaphor of a glass ceiling to describe the invisible barriers that prevent women from reaching top-level positions in male-dominated professions or organizations.

About the Center of Influence Community

“My business partner Lil Barcaski and I could see that there was an industry trend towards coaches and consultants being in anthologies,” said Scarlett.  “This makes sense, as an anthology provides a way for a coach, consultant, thought leader or speaker to promote their business in many ways AND provides an easier (and less expensive!) way into the bestselling author’s club!”

However, the duo also realized that while many authors enjoyed the process of becoming a bestselling author, they often did not know what to do with that fact in terms of promoting their business.  “When I pitched the idea of connecting with ‘centers of influence’ to help them create an anthology, Lil went one better, by saying we should create a community to provide ongoing support,” said Scarlett.

So, the two partners decided to create and launch the Center of Influence Community to provide coaches, consultants, speakers and thought leaders with a multitude of opportunities to write, speak, network, be published in powerful anthologies, and make meaningful connections.

Why be in one of our Anthologies?

“We take a unique approach on producing anthologies.  We only ever have a maximum of 10 people in our anthologies for two main reasons.  First of all, books with too many people mean it is hard for an individual author to stand out.  Secondly, Amazon only lists 10 authors on any one book.  This way we can have all authors on the front cover AND we make sure that each author gets a mountain of value out of becoming a bestselling author,” said Scarlett.

The Center of Influence Community meets every Thursday at 5 pm for networking and they are building out a calendar of events and workshops for members to utilize.  Information on how to become a member and how to be in an anthology can be found on their website at 

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Mindy Scarlett has north of 30 years experience in marketing, branding, journalism and ghostwriting.  She partnered with publisher Lil Barcaski early in 2023 to create the Center of Influence Community.  More information here:

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L to R Backrow: Ericka Dunlap, Cornita Riley, Felecia Ward, Donna Smith Bellinger, Mickey Quinn, Kat Kennan. Seated front row: Melissa Stires, Mindy Scarlett, Barbara Alexander, Robin Tasco.