Breast Cancer Sucks and it Does not Discriminate! If not ourselves we have a family member or friend that has been diagnosed, a cancer survivor or have lost a love one. We are more then grateful that our dear Erica is sharing her story with Sheen Magazine as a cancer survivor.

Erica, you are a beautiful young Christian woman and from the outside look very healthy. So we are going to jump right in and ask how did you find out that it was a possibility you might have Breast Cancer?
Well, I was babysitting my niece and she accidentally jab me in my breast and the pain was unbelievable. It made me feel around my breast and I felt a little something. I was thinking there is no way. My breast isn’t even that big! lol
I was at the age of 39 so it wasn’t even time for me to have a mammogram until another year in 2022.
Did you immediately call your doctor?
So my family had a lot going on so I waited a couple of days to call my doctor and told him what I felt. I went in for an appointment and I showed him where I felt the lump.
He was very optimistic about it and he said it could just be your bone structure. He said just to be sure I needed to have a mammogram. I went for mammogram and I had to wait in the waiting room for results.
When they came out, they said they couldn’t determine it and I would need to do a biopsy.
The biopsy was on a Friday. My doctor called me that following Monday with the results. It was obvious by his tone that it wasnt good results. He told me it was cancer, he was still very optimistic and scheduled me to meet with a surgeon to discuss my options that Thursday.
The surgeon gave me the options to have my breast removed or the area. I chose Lumpectomy, my surgery was scheduled the Friday before Thanksgiving. I was very nervous about the surgery. I had all my kids natural. I’ve never had any surgery and never been put under. They gave me the drug. I never did the count down. I went straight to sleep. Lol
Wow, so in the midst of this how was your family able to handle this, did you tell them right away?
At first I didn’t want to tell my husband but then I told him, my parents, sister , close friends and my Pastor. I needed people with strong Faith to pray. I didn’t even tell my children until right before the actual surgery because I knew this would be hard for them. When I told my oldest daughter she was upset but knew something was going on because of the appointments I had been going to.
My husband was at all of my appointments and still working on his job. I had to encourage my husband that I know this is a lot you are dealing with. If you need to talk to someone else about it that its ok. He didn’t want to burden me. Everything was happening so quickly.
Speaking of family did you know of any family members that might have had cancer?
I found out after I was diagnosed that my Great Grandmother and my Great Aunt died of Breast Cancer.
So after the surgery did you have to go back for more treatments?
I had 21 treatments of radiation. For 5 years I have to take hormone pill to lower reoccurence. I have to do a mammogram and mri every year.
What do you think God has in store for you now and how can you minister to other women? 
I’m definitely telling my story to help other women, I want to encourage the women to check themselves. Don’t ignore any symptoms. You know when something is not normal. I’m grateful it was found at stage 1 and I knew where the spot was so they can focus on that area.
Yes when I first found out it was stressful but through it all I felt a peace. Like the peace of God surpasses all understanding. I knew God had me covered. We going to be okay!