Bridget Regan currently made her debut in the CW series “The Winchesters” on episode three. Regan portrays DJ Roxy, and she spoke all about her character on the latest episode of The Wayne Ayers Podcast. Regan reveals she didn’t follow Supernatural but went back to watch the flashback episodes to prepare for her new role.
While on the podcast, Regan reveals that a character from Supernatural will make an appearance on The Winchesters this season. Regan talked about how the showrunners and writers are listening to their fans and giving things they want for their continued support.
Regan spoke about working with Meg Donnelly and the rest of the cast. She wants to do a musical episode during her time on “The Winchesters” series. On the podcast, Regan answered fan questions, one of the questions was about if the “Jane The Virgin” cast will reunite. She wants that to happen and could see them doing a movie or reboot of the show in the future.