Let’s talk about Botox! We caught up with the #1 aesthetic physician in South Florida: Dr. Swapna Shastri a.k.a The Botox Doc of Made in Miami, for another Sheen Exclusive! Check out the interview where Kaitlyn Rose talks with Dr. Shastri about her world in aesthetic care, the misconceptions of Botox (and debunks them!), her top skincare tips, and more!

With a background in primary care medicine, Dr. Shastri decided to pursue her passion, and open up her own practice in aesthetic medicine nearly 10 years ago. As an aesthetic physician, Dr. Shastri does it all from smoothing fine face lines and wrinkles, to tightening a post-baby tummy, to treating migraines…with an emphasis on keeping her patients looking natural. Made in Miami is taking South Florida by storm offering a full line of injectables and regenerative treatments.

What keeps her patients coming back? It’s the personalized, individual attention and care that Dr. Shastri gives to her clientele. With a patient-centered and natural enhancement approach, Made in Miami is standing out amongst the rest with top-notch treatments helping patients achieve optimal results and glowing confidence.

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