YouKnowBT is a world renowned radio personality who is responsible for shifting the culture and drawing in crowds from every corner of the world. While many know him as YouKnowBT – we had the opportunity to get to know Byron Turner. He took a leap of faith to moving to Atlanta, GA in 2015 by himself – his charisma and personality propelled him into his destiny at “Atlanta’s number 1 station in the Streetz,” Streetz 94.5.
Byron can be seen hosting in multiple cities and television host. He’s also been seen WEtv’s Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta. He gave us the scoop on his career, the simple things that bring him joy, and what the future holds for him!
How long has music been a part of your life and which artists have made an impact on you?
Music has always been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. T he artist that has had the most impact on me is Tupac because I listened to him as a kid growing up and I still listen to his music ’til this day.
What motivated you  to become a radio personality?
When I was in college, the guys I knew were on a college radio station had all the girls on campus. I was like, ‘Man I could probably do that,’ that’s when my radio career started. (Laughs) 
What gives you the most joy in your career?
What gives me the most joy in my career is seeing my family proud of me!
Outside of the life of radio, what does Byron like to do with his personal time?
I don’t really have a lot of personal time but what I really like to do when I have spare time is eat and sleep. (Laughs) What a lot of people don’t know about me is I really enjoy being at home and relaxing.
You have a strong community outreach passion.  Is there any particular moment in your life that sparked your flame for outreach?
Yeah when I was a kid, there were always speakers that come to the school to talk to use but none of the speakers ever looked like me. If they did, I believe they were too old and out of touch for me as a kid to really soak up the message I guess they were trying to get across. So I said if I ever have a story to tell or if I’m in a position to help others, I’m going to do it because as a kid I wish I had someone young and that looked like me to help.
Is there any particular moment that you’ve experienced while making an impact that keeps you going?
Yeah when I have conversations with people and they are telling me how inspired they are by my story,  from growing up to where I am now.
When hosting functions or on air, what sets you apart from all others?
I think what sets me about is the same high energy that you hear on the radio when I talk, that’s really me 24/7 of my life.
What will we see in the upcoming years from BT?
You will definitely see more TV and upcoming business that I will be launching as well. 
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