Camille Hyde recently graced The Wayne Ayers Podcast episode 60 with the host Wayne Ayers and co-host Kemberlie Spivey.

Hyde spoke about the possibility of her character Thea Mays reconciling with Simone Hicks in ‘All American: Homecoming’ season 2. She also talked about her relationships with Nathaniel and JR evolving in this season.

The ‘All American: Homecoming’ star talked about playing division one college tennis like her character Thea Mays. She also hinted at a professional tennis player guest starring in one of the episodes. Hyde spoke about fans shipping Damon and Simone Hicks, which would mean her character would be left single if the show writers decided to make that move.

Camille Hyde spoke about starring alongside Ben Edlin in the upcoming film ‘Mindwash,’ which was written and directed by Beatrice Brigitte. Hyde talked about how she got cast in the movie and what fans should expect from her character.

She ended the podcast by letting her fans know that she has two singles coming out within the next month. Hyde also revealed five artists she would like to work with shortly.