Shondricka Carter is a serial entrepreneur, author, and wealth development coach at Carter Capital, PLLC, the only 24-hour wealth development firm and institute. She is a first-generation college graduate, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Entrepreneurship and Accounting from Southern University at New Orleans and an alumnus of Louisiana State University (MBA). She has over nine years of financial services experience and is passionate about helping her clients, mentees, and students change the way they think about wealth. Her upcoming wealth development summit Taxes in Tulum will connect black millionaires with entrepreneurs for an exciting weekend of wealth-building seminars, power networking, and interactive excursions. 

What inspired you to start the Carter Capital business? 

I have always loved numbers, so in college, accounting was my initial concentration, however, after graduating undergrad I started preparing taxes. I was inspired to start Carter Capital PLLC because I wanted a firm different from any other tax company. Our name originated from my last name and capital is another term for money. Carter Capital started in 2013 as a family tax firm and we later added accounting services, courses, business & credit services, our financial resource library, events, and merchandise. We are the only 24-hour wealth development firm and institute. 

 Was there a significant business challenge you had to overcome during your journey?

Yes, several significant business challenges occurred when building my business. Initially, my challenge like many other entrepreneurs was obtaining capital and funding. I overcame funding challenges by becoming a bankable company, establishing business credit, and bookkeeping to ensure I was presented as a profitable company. Once I was positioned and correctly registered, I began to scale Carter Capital, PLLC. 

 Share 3 steps an entrepreneur should take if they desire to build wealth:

Step 1: Build your credit so you can leverage it

Step 2: Create multiple streams of income

Step 3: Save and invest

 Tell us about “Taxes in Tulum” and how readers can join you!

Taxes in Tulum is our 3rd annual wealth development summit. This year we are taking it international. We will have a phenomenal panel of speakers, wealth development seminars, networking, and more. Our panelists will be teaching how to invest in real estate/Airbnb, obtaining federal government contracts, grant writing, mastering social media, advertising, branding, marketing, benefits of trademarks/copyrights, the importance of business insurance, managing bookkeeping, obtaining business credit, and leveraging life insurance for wealth. There are 3 individual package options and 1 group option. More details can be found on our website 

 What are you looking forward to in 2022 after the Tulum experience?

After Taxes in Tulum, I’m looking forward to mentoring new ambitious financial service professionals and small business owners. I’m also looking forward to building my personal brand. In the words of my husband, I advise every entrepreneur to plan, strategize and execute. To connect with me visit and Instagram @CarterCapitalPLLC

Photo credit: Trezzle Landry – Flawless Images Studio