Can you tell us more about, The Connect Masterclass?

My vision for “The Connect Masterclass” is to create a supportive and collaborative community for aspiring talent. We’re devoted to helping everyone reach their potential goals through networking, education, and building career connections by providing models and actors with the tools they need to succeed. We will discuss what casting directors look for when casting talent for gigs, professional headshots, resumés, agents, managers, content creation, model portfolios, and acting reels to name a few.

What is the impact that you would like The Connect Masterclass to have in the community?

I would like to build Confidence, Awareness, and Connections within the community. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, I’ve learned that when you’re confident, your work will speak for itself. I want to build awareness because unfortunately, there are a lot of companies or individuals that prey on aspiring talent. The Connect Masterclass allows aspiring talent to connect with reputable companies in the DMV area to protect them from being taken advantage of by people that are only interested in monetary gain. Building connections within the community is important because it allows you to work with others that share the same interests as you. Each guest speaker that is attending The Connect Masterclass has mentored me through my journey as a professional actor and model.  

What are three ways new or aspiring models and actors can make themselves stand out in their industries?

Some ways that aspiring models and actors can stand out from others is by investing in a professional website with your model portfolio and link to your acting reel, professional headshots, and resume.  Models and actors will have the opportunity to take professional photos with our photographer Shawne Turrentine, owner of Art Trends Studios, at the event.  

Can you tell us more about the role that content creation plays in bringing visibility to your modeling and acting careers?

With the advancement of social media over the past few years, so many companies or businesses are investing in content creators instead. As a content creator, being able to create your content from start to finish showing your creativity and personality makes you more relatable to the audience and increases your chances of getting noticed.   

Can you tell us about the event and guest speakers that will be part of the upcoming Connect Masterclass event?

The Connect Masterclass speakers are Aaron Handy, Iran “Bang” Paylor, Randall Lawrence, and Candice “CJ” Johnson.

Aaron Handy and Iran “Bang” Paylor Aaron and Bang have been my model mentors/ family since I was in High School; I met them in 2008 when I was modeling for my high school’s fashion team Flowers KOUTURE.

They are the founders of “Models Inc.” a community-based modeling organization that specializes in runway, dance, and entertainment model performance. We stand for exposure, networking, and experience. We embrace the development of novice models of all ages and gender. This company was formed with three things in mind, to build self-esteem, enrich young adults, and create a safe place for youth and young adults to express themselves through artistic development and runway/stage performance. We strive to create a safe haven and reduce high-risk behaviors amongst young aspiring models/dancers.

Randall Lawrence, I met Randall in 2019, on set when I was cast as a costar for a feature film entitled “Night Before Day, directed by Randall.”

RANDALL LAWRENCE wears many belts in this industry, as a SAG-AFTRA Actor, Independent Filmmaker, director, writer, Executive Producer, and Videographer, Randall is no stranger to the amount of hard work and dedication that it takes to be successful. He is the Founder and President of Rlawrence Films LLC, an emerging independent film and media production company focused on developing content that is uplifting to the community it serves, launching careers of local talent, and producing and financing short and full-length independent films!

Candice “CJ” Johnson I met Candice in 2016 on the set of Criminals at Work Season 1 episode 5

Candice “CJ” Johnson is a Freelance Producer, Production Coordinator, Casting Director, Licensed Beauty Professional, Fashion Stylist, Make-Up Artist, Model, Actress, Artist, Designer, and more.  Her most recent project was Producer on OWN’s hit Reality Show Ready To Love Season 5. She does it all.  At an early age, Candice discovered that she was multi-talented. Hairstyling, fashion, and the arts were not only her love and passion – but they were her gift.  With more than 20+ years in the hair and beauty industry, Candice received her “formal training” at BNT Potomac & Robert’s Institute School of Cosmetology, where she received top honors.  She also attended the Maryland College of Art & Design to study Advertising Art and Portfolio Development. Many began to take notice of Candice’s impeccable eye to create “art” through her own personal style.  After designing logos for a Baltimore-based T-shirt company, she was presented the opportunity to design costumes for the Golden Scissors Hair Show for the DC-based store HOBO. This, as well as modeling, catapulted her style and versatility from behind the scenes to the forefront – making her a “quadruple threat” in the industry. The ability to overcome obstacles along her path to success proves Candice is not only an artist of style and fashion…but an architect of life. 

How can people attend and what are some things that attendees can expect to gain from attending the Connect Masterclass?

You can attend the Connect Masterclass by visiting searching The Connect Masterclass or

The Connect Masterclass allows aspiring talent to engage with casting directors, filmmakers, photographers, and model coaches in the DMV area they normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet in person and work with. They will get the inside scoop about how to audition, where to find auditions, take professional photos to build their portfolio, acting reels, how to stand out from others and so much more. They will leave The Connect Masterclass ready to tackle their next audition or photoshoot with confidence.


You also provide private and virtual coaching; how can someone enroll in the private in-person or virtual coaching sessions? 

They can enroll in my virtual and in-person coaching sessions by visiting

In my one-on-one sessions we go over different types of modeling, the difference between agents and managers, how to build your portfolio, how to pose in front of the camera, contracts, how to build your brand, overall goals, and how to achieve them.

What would you like our views to gain from this interview?

I would like viewers that are aspiring models or actors from the DMV area to be aware of the opportunities in the DMV area. Build connections within the community. The importance of networking and surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals for a prosperous career.  

How can people connect with you and the Connect Masterclass?

You can connect with me by visiting

Or Instagram @cashaeyserenity