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Who Is Cassandra Williams? 

Cassandra Williams is a Human Resources Leader, Career Strategist and Blogger. She is the founder of Career Talk With Cassandra, co-founder of Coins Over Gossip and Bosses In The Boardroom, career development brands that are focused on helping professional women achieve success and happiness in their career.

Why are you so passionate about helping people find happiness and success in their careers? 

I have always been passionate about doing things that are impactful and helpful to others. Everyone has a purpose a long with their own gifts and talents. I believe I have a gift when it comes to empowering and providing strategies to help people own their career. It makes me so happy to hear success stories from people that I’ve worked with or applied my advice to a situation, it’s very fulfilling and makes me want to help as many people as I can.   

Why is happiness important for readers to be successful in their respective industries?

I believe there is a direct correlation between happiness and career success. In order for you to tap into your greatest potential and become the best version of yourself, you must connect with what makes you happy. When you work in a job or industry that is not aligned with your happiness your career will be stagnant because you’re not motivated to achieve greater.

Cassandra, you are the CEO/founder of Career Talk with Cassandra. Please tell us more about your coaching brand and how readers can book you. 

Career Talk With Cassandra is a coaching brand that offers valuable career advice and strategies for professional women that want more happiness, purpose and growth in their career.  For readers that are interested in taking their career to the next level (whatever that means for you) it can be elevating to a leadership role, establishing your value and earning more money, a career change, or identifying a career that’s aligned with your passion, you can book a consultation on my website or email

You are one of the co-founders of Coins Over Gossip. What inspired you to create this amazing brand? 

The inspiration behind Coins Over Gossip came from my own experience of achieving a senior leadership position with my company and starting to doubt myself and wonder why I was in that role. It was hard for me to imagine myself being successful because I didn’t have anyone at my company that looked like me in a manager role and no one that was accessible outside of my company that I could reach out to for advice.  I remember sharing my experience with my sister-in-law and co-founder of Coins Over Gossip and she talked to me about her own experience of being overlooked or disregarded as a Black Pharmacist. We decided that we wanted to partner with black career women in leadership roles and provide resources, mentorship, and create networking opportunities for black career women that need to see a high level of success in women who look like them.

Please tell readers about your annual Coins Over Gossip Conference and how they can support and attend? 

Coins Over Gossip is a leadership development brand for black career women.  Every year for the last 3 years we partner with successful black career women by providing a platform through our Coins Over Gossip conference for them to share their work experiences, lessons learned and resources to help black women successfully navigate the journey to leadership in their career.  Readers can learn more about Coins Over Gossip by following us on Instagram and checking out our website for conference updates on the official website.

What can we expect from you in 2020? 

This year my goal is to raise awareness about my career brands and reach more black career women.  I want the work that I do with all my brands to help move the needle and increase the presence of black women in leadership roles, close the gender wage gap and increase the percentage of career satisfaction among black career women.  I am currently working on a website re-launch for Career Talk With Cassandra and have plans to blend my career brand and fashion! 


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