North West LDN rapper/songwriter Casscade returns after his last creative spin on previous single ‘Doing Alright’ with another unexpected melodic combination of his previous trap bangers ‘Every Year’ and ‘Ole’Ole’. This is another smooth collaboration between Casscade and producer Elliot Herrington, who we saw collab previously on ‘Doing Alright (Birthday edition)’.

Casscade merges two of his most braggadocios moments and effortlessly transitions them into a rich, yet chilled vibe with smooth tones. This offering once again shines light on his ability to put together cohesive catchy hooks and the fact he is not only talented with melodies; as this live rendition is accompanied by a slick melodic rap verse displaying a tightly knit flow, punch-lines and cheeky character.

Casscade speaks on the track and the future: “I’m really just showcasing what I’m capable of at this point and want to take things where I haven’t really seen them taken. I was most known for these two tracks until about 2018. I wanted to connect any OG Casscade listeners to the new ones. We’re one big family at the end of the day. Anything I’ve done has always aligned with each other but just executed in different ways. Once I put it in a similar format, it connects. This is the last of the live renditions for now though. From now, I’m going to be dropping music that is ready to take on the world. Exciting times!”

 Highlights of tracks includeHurry Up & Buy’ which features the Gold-selling German artist Joshi Mizu. This was added to various official Spotify and Amazon Music playlists with further media support coming from Backspin Mag, SBTV and Noctis Mag. Other tastemaker support for Casscade has come from DJ Charlie Sloth and 4x Grammy winning producer Anthony Kilhoffer, who played ‘Finesse’ on his Instagram live with DJ Semtex, which led to ‘Finesse’ being featured on Semtex’s ‘5 Tracks You Need To Know’ show on Capital Xtra.

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