Where in the world is Brely Evans? Brely is doing grown Woman tingz—catching flights and living her best life, from Jamaica to Atlanta. 

Sheen Magazine was On The Scene at the Paragon III Fashion Show, in the midst of a mob of stunning models, donning the creations of seven fashion visionaries. Paragon III is curated by the CEOS of Royal Umbrella— Nate and Donielle Williams. The intention is clear behind the word Paragon—meaning people, places, and things being regarded as a model example of quality. CEO of Diva TV Magazine—Mercedez Millionaire hosted a room filled with creatives having a time, exuding flavorful vibes. The Paragon III Fashion Show is set to appear in an episode of Netflix’s The Life of a Teen Model. 

Sheen caught up with actress Brely Evans, whose hyphenates are highly activated. The vocalist is giving new music dedicated to the Woman—entitled We Are Woman, a record that recognizes and celebrates that sacred feminine energy harnessed by the matriarchs, the goddesses, the queens, and empresses that birthed this planet. We Are Woman is performed by both Brely and Melody Edward, produced by International Show, and is currently streaming from all music platforms. 

The Family Business actress’ first book—The ABC’s of I AM’s, A Daily Guide For Speaking Love, Prosperity, and Success Into Your Life, assists in enhancing one’s life, one affirmation at a time. The author will be closing out the second quarter of 2023 as a two-time author. Don’t Date Down: Go From Friend To Fiancé To Forever—is her highly anticipated relationship accountability guide, in which she shares her dating experiences and influences singles who are seeking to be doubled, to track their relationship behaviors. The book is set to be released in June, just in time for hopeful romantics to get their minds right and ready to turn that summer love into a love for all seasons. 

Brely Evans’ new movie—Black Girl Erupted, a film about a Black Attorney, paying dues and facing microaggressions at her law firm, has been green lit. Black Girl Erupted is another short film of The Couch Franchise—a series of films that highlight Black Women managing mental health issues. Brely has energy flowing to all of her facets and we love that for her.

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