Tambra Cherie talks about her new life as a reality star and season two of The Belle Collective!

They say Belles are born and bred in the South, where the tea is sweet, the church hats are glorious and the trees are very shady in the summer but in Jackson, Mississippi, the shade from the Belle Collective may just be a bit more chilly. Now entering its second season, The Belle Collective follows a group of successful Southern Belles in Mississippi’s capital on their pursuit of love, success, and friendship. But of course, when a group of boss ladies with strong opinions and big personalities come together in the South, we can expect a lot more spilling tea than sipping it and the women read each other just as well as they do a verse in the good book. Among “The Belles,” as they call themselves, is radio and television personality Tambra Cherie and though she is one of six cast members this season, the Midday Diva stands in a spotlight of her own. Having been in the media industry for quite some time now,

Tambra has built quite an impressive resume over the years. Having hosted the show Access Granted, a #1 entertainment show in Mississippi, and making appearances on Dish Nation TV and Lifetime’s hit competition series, Bring It, she is no stranger to television. Add to it the long list of iconic celebrities that she has interviewed throughout her career and it is safe to say that this Belle is about her media business. With all this success in her career, the love and support of family, and being dubbed one of Mississippi’s most influential women, it would be easy to say that Tambra Cherie has it all. Still, she admits that she has had her share of challenges as well, some of which she bravely shares with the world on the show as she opens up to us about her struggle with fibroids. On the show, she opens up about her desire to become a mother and the health issue that has threatened that dream. Though this has been a painful experience, she has chosen to use her platform to create a voice for an issue that is not often enough spoken about. “Fibroids affect African American women at an alarming rate yet it is not something that people know a lot about,” she says. Having found this sort of “accidental purpose,” she says that she is grateful for the opportunity to represent women that suffer in silence.

Giving credit to her faith for so many amazing things happening in her life, Tambra says that she had set her intentions on working with OWN long before the opportunity for The Belle Collective ever arrived.  You see, the multitalented Tambra Cherie added the title of author to her credits with the release of her book “Surrounded by Sin, Grounded by Love.” In the book, she shares some of the things that she has learned on her journey to womanhood about giving love, attention, and value to yourself, a journey that she openly admits that she is still on today. “OWN was on my vision board for about a year before I got the call about the show but I had no idea that it would happen the way it did”, she says. At the time that her vision board was created, Tambra had her sights set on Oprah’s famous book club. “In my mind, my hook would be a part of Oprah’s book club, and being a part of a reality show was not what I was expecting”, she says. Although this experience has been very unique, she says that it has come to be a blessing in ways she never even imagined. “You have to be able to adjust to opening up so many parts of yourself, but in so glad I did it”

So, now that season two of The Belle Collective has kicked off, the ladies have already let us in on some major heartbreaks, setbacks, struggles but also successes and triumphs. There were some cliffhangers that left us on the edges of our seats in season one and this new season jumps right into it! When asked what to expect this season, Tambra says we will just have to tune it! “There are a lot of interesting things that will happen this season. There will be some challenges and there will be great moments too. You just have to tune in!”

Be sure to catch Tambra Cherie and the other ladies of the Belle Collective Friday nights on OWN.

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