How has your story motivated you on days when there seems to be nothing to keep you going?

My story as a funeral home owner reminds me of the importance of cherishing each day and finding purpose in serving others during difficult times. Knowing that I provide comfort and support to families in their darkest moments fuels my motivation, even on the toughest days. 


In what ways, if any, did you have to pivot to ensure your vision was well executed?

I’ve had to pivot in various ways to ensure my vision was well executed. This involved adapting to changes in the industry, embracing technology to enhance services, and fostering a compassionate and inclusive environment to meet diverse needs. Flexibility and a willingness to innovate have been key in navigating challenges and staying true to my vision of providing exceptional care to grieving families.


How do you showcase the empowerment of Women’s History Month every day?

Every day at my funeral home, I showcase the empowerment of Women’s History Month by leading with strength, compassion, and resilience. I prioritize creating a supportive work environment that celebrates the contributions of women in our industry and beyond. By empowering my team to excel and embracing diversity in our services, I honor the spirit of Women’s History Month year-round.


Who are some lesser-known female entrepreneurs from history that you admire and believe deserve more recognition?

As a woman entrepreneur in the funeral home industry, I deeply admire lesser-known pioneers like Elizabeth White and Clara Brown. Elizabeth White was one of the first African American women to establish a funeral home in the early 1900s, breaking barriers and providing essential services to her community despite facing significant adversity. Clara Brown, known as the ‘Angel of the Rockies,’ was a former slave who became a successful entrepreneur in Colorado during the Gold Rush era, using her wealth to support others and advocate for social justice. Their resilience, determination, and commitment to serving others inspire me and deserve more recognition in the annals of entrepreneurial history.


Reflecting on your own experiences, what are some effective ways that male allies have supported you in your career journey?

Throughout my career journey as a woman funeral home owner, I’ve been fortunate to have supportive male allies who have played pivotal roles in my success. Some effective ways they’ve supported me include advocating for equal opportunities, amplifying my voice in male-dominated spaces, and providing mentorship and guidance. Their willingness to listen, challenge biases, and actively work towards gender equality has not only bolstered my confidence but also fostered a more inclusive and supportive work environment. Together, we’ve been able to overcome obstacles and achieve greater success.


How do you strike a balance between ambition and self-care as a woman in a demanding business environment?

As a woman in a demanding business environment, striking a balance between ambition and self-care is essential for maintaining both personal well-being and professional success. I prioritize self-care by setting boundaries, delegating tasks when needed, and carving out time for activities that recharge me mentally and emotionally. Whether it’s spending time with loved ones, practicing mindfulness, or pursuing hobbies, nurturing myself allows me to approach challenges with clarity and resilience. By recognizing that self-care is not a luxury but a necessity, I ensure that my ambition is fueled by a sustainable foundation of health and well-being.

Christie K. Moore serves as CEO of Mansfield Funeral Home in Mansfield, TX where she and her staff serves families throughout the D/FW metroplex. Mansfield Funeral Home was #1 top rated in TX for 2018 and 2019 and #1 top rated in the D/FW metroplex in 2020. In addition to Mansfield Funeral Home, Christie launched Peaceful Pets DFW in 2020, the 1st eco-friendly cremation service in the metroplex, where she and her team have served more than 2,000 families and counting. In the journey to become the mother and servant leader Christie K. Moore is today, the road has not been easy. Although the road has had many twists and turns, she fully understands these experiences have become valuable lessons that have led to her success. Christie believes in sharing her story to inspire, empower and coach others as they seek clarity in realizing their purpose in life.Christie believes choosing the right cause is the most important decision a philanthropist can make. “Giving is the greatest act of grace.” Christie’s giving efforts are very personal for her.


Photo Credits: Crystal Wis