How has your story motivated you on days when there seems to be nothing to keep you going?

My story serves as a constant reminder of resilience and determination. On days when everything seems challenging and discouraging, I draw strength from my faith and the hurdles I’ve overcome. Knowing that I have successfully navigated difficult situations motivates me to keep pushing forward, believing Philippians 4:13: “I Can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” With this mindset, obstacles are sometimes great opportunities to make an impact.

In what ways, if any, did you have to pivot to ensure your vision was well executed?

Flexibility and adaptability are crucial when executing a vision. As a Social Entrepreneur, I’ve had to pivot several times to ensure that the organizational goals were achieved effectively. This involved adjusting strategies, embracing new ideas, and sometimes even changing direction altogether. The key is staying focused on the end goal while being open to different paths.

How do you showcase the empowerment of Women’s History Month every day?

Every day, I showcase the empowerment of Women’s History Month by actively celebrating and promoting the achievements of women around me. This includes sharing inspiring stories, acknowledging women’s contributions in various fields, and participating in initiatives that promote gender equality and empowerment.

Who are some lesser-known female entrepreneurs from history that you admire and believe deserve more recognition?

 There are many lesser-known female entrepreneurs from history whom I admire and believe deserve more recognition. One example is Madam C.J. Walker, who was not only the first female self-made millionaire in America, but also a pioneer in the hair care industry, empowering other women to achieve financial independence. I also admire women within the local community who dream of entrepreneurship yet need more resources to move forward.  

Reflecting on your own experiences, what are some effective ways that male allies have supported you in your career journey?

As the only girl of my siblings, male allies have always played a significant role in supporting my life and career journey. Some practical ways they have supported me include advocating for equal opportunities, providing mentorship and guidance, amplifying my voice in meetings and discussions, and challenging biases and stereotypes in the workplace.

How do you strike a balance between ambition and self-care as a woman in a demanding business environment?

Balancing ambition and self-care is essential for success, but it is not easy. Both are necessary to do well. Sometimes, especially for women in busy work settings, it can be hard to manage both. However, I make self-care a priority by setting limits, being mindful and reflective, sharing tasks with others when needed, and getting help from colleagues and mentors. This helps me pursue my goals while also taking care of myself.


Photo credit: Kauwuane Burton Studios