I don’t know about you but wearing different hairstyles are self-care in my book.  From short to long; quick weave to sew-ins; hairstyles are a form of art. April 30th is Hairstyle Appreciation Day.  In order to celebrate the versatility of hairstyles, let us acknowledge Audrey Manago’s platform for all things hair and beauty. There are several companies to shop with and it can be overwhelming for some consumers.  However, Audrey Manago has made shopping for hair and beauty products very simple with just one click.  She confidently created Chateau of Hair, LLC in 2019.

photo by Tavia Whitlowe

Chateau of Hair LLC is an online hair and beauty marketplace. Audrey found a way to uniquely bridge the gap between building businesses and customer relationships.  Audrey has years of experience providing all types of customer service which resulted in childcare, cleaning, finance and more.  Her level of expertise developed into Chateau of Hair LLC.  

Available hair products consist of hair bundles, edge control, skin care products and much more.  Chateau of Hair LLC also provides online vendor opportunities for other hair and beauty business owners.  Chateau of Hair LLC partners with hair and beauty entrepreneurs to provide them with a platform to market their products.  This opportunity helps to create more exposure for that independent retailer.  

Audrey took Chateau of Hair even further by opening her own customer service call center in Ft. Worth, Texas.  The call center not only expands on her company’s positive customer service skills it also employs area citizens.  The call center also provides on the job training and provides community support through program partnerships such as the Welfare to Work program.  

Even in quarantine, Chateau of Hair LLC is remaining constant in the hair and beauty industry.  Audrey is also launching the COH University, which will be a web-based training program for platform sellers, employees and affiliate marketers.  For more information, follow Chateau of Hair LLC on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and online.  

Writer, C. Scott, is a mother of one; author, social worker, early literacy interventionist and entrepreneur.

Featured Image courtesy of Chateau of Hair