On Saturday, April 27, fashion designer, model, and CEO Andre King celebrated his birthday in style at Rosé Bistro & Champagne Bar in Atlanta. The evening was filled with excitement as guests eagerly awaited King’s arrival and enjoyed a lively atmosphere.

Known for his impeccable fashion sense and entrepreneurial spirit, King made a striking entrance in a green and black leather ensemble paired with a sleek black Prada hat. His presence set a vibrant tone for the evening.

The event drew a notable crowd of industry insiders, including designers, executives, and entertainment personalities, all eager to celebrate King and his achievements. During the celebration, King’s friends and colleagues shared heartfelt testimonies, reminiscing about cherished moments and expressing enthusiasm for the year ahead.

Grammy-nominated R&B artist KriSean Woods attended and spoke fondly of the shared memories with King, expressing appreciation for the opportunity to celebrate him.

“I am looking forward to celebrating him and another decade of his life around the sun,” said Woods. “We are here to support him and to have fun.”

Throughout the night, conversations flowed freely as guests reminisced and created new memories together. The sense of community and camaraderie underscored King’s impact and connections within Atlanta’s vibrant creative scene.

Fashion Designer KL Allen, whose pieces have graced the runways of New York and Milan Fashion Week and have been featured on the popular fast fashion website Shein, also expressed his excitement for the evening. Allen mentioned that he has been to a few of King’s previous events, “I know they are always classy and upscale. I’m looking forward to the looks and the fashion.”

Rosé Bistro & Champagne Bar provided the perfect backdrop, with its staff contributing to the festive atmosphere. King actively engaged with attendees, expressing gratitude for their support and sharing in the joy of the evening. The energy was electric, with guests dancing alongside King to R&B and Hip-Hop jams, celebrating late into the night.

As the celebration continued, King mingled with guests, exchanging stories and laughter. His genuine appreciation for those in attendance further enhanced the positive atmosphere.

The success of the event was evident in the smiles and laughter shared by all, emphasizing the importance of community and collaboration in King’s endeavors. Andre King’s birthday celebration underscored his influence within the community and left attendees with enduring memories of a festive evening filled with camaraderie and joy. King’s friends were a true testament to his character, demonstrating unwavering support and admiration throughout the celebration.

Photo Credit: @flea954