United Masters returned with a kick, and they partnered with Ally to kick hard. United Masters, the record label with the slogan of “Become a United Masters artist today and have a record label in your pocket”, popped out last weekend with its SelectCon event in Atlanta, GA. The event brought out big name artists and future big-name artists. This year SelectCon was more than music. Ally Financial services was onsite as well to provide financial literacy and discuss tips and tools for marketing and more. SHEEN Magazine was onsite to sit down and speak with Erica Hughes (Senior Director of Multicultural Marketing at Ally). 

Erica is an award-winning marketing and advertising executive who has worked for Fortune 500 companies, stated that she was excited to partner with United Masters to discuss financial literacy and just how to provide our youth with the tools that they need to start planning for their future at an early age. Young people are no longer in the business of having lemonade stands. The youth is about monetizing their social media accounts, digital currency, and so much more. What better way than to start them off learning how to plan, spend, budget and things of that nature? To top it off, Erica was able to chime in on the different SelectCon panels, including discussing how to step into the “soft girl” era. 

Financial literacy is a major, and it is an important aspect of daily living, especially if you are an entrepreneur, artist, or simply just wanting to handle your affairs properly. In addition to learning about managing your money, Selectcon offered a chance for exposure and growth via the Crown Royal Regal Apple Fresh Beats Studio, in which artists were given the opportunity to drop some nice lyrics over a crisp beat for the chance to win a free one-year Select membership on United Masters. This opportunity no doubt brought out the bars and the beats and left hard choices to be made about just who the winner would be. 

​Another winner that SHEEN had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking with is none other than multitalented heartthrob Trevor Jackson. The actor/singer/songwriter left his acting mark on the 2018 rendition of the movie SUPERFLY, in which he portrayed a wise, smooth, street hustler. Trevor has gone on to take on several other roles, including a regular role in the popular drama/sitcom Grownish. As if those two major accolades weren’t enough to send the world into a Trevor Jackson frenzy, this young star has gone on to pursue a career in music. Trevor sat down with us to discuss new music along with just how being partnered with United Masters has been for him, citing that, “They have always been there for me, so anything that asks of me, I am there”, The statement shows that Jackson held true to his word as he took that United Masters stage song perform his latest sing, “He Don’t Know” along with some of his older smash records. Jackson indicated that his love of music saved his life along with his other gifts and talents that he had embarked on. His motivation and drive is fueled by the love and support of his fans and his friends. You never just know what your words can do to motivate someone else. 

SelectCon gave ongoers great food, great fun, great vibes, great conversation, and most importantly, great advice. From Erica Hughes to Trevor Jackson, to brand strategist Ronne Brown, Jermaine Dupri and so many more. We love a good educational and fun event. SelectCon is where you need to be. Make sure to follow United Masters or check on their website to check out the details of all that they are doing and the moves that are being made. These are the moves you definitely want to be a part of.