Atlanta-based Chereda Miller of Miller Realty LLC was engaged to procure space for Honey Pot’s new headquarters in August 2021, while partnering with T. Dallas Smith & Co. (Leonte Benton). She secured Honey Pot’s new state-of-the-art 9700 square foot office at a newly constructed mixed-use development in Atlanta. The space was built out, and they moved in October 2022.

“It was a pleasure to work with a company and its executives that put humanity first. They were truly dedicated to a work environment where people could live, thrive, and take care of themselves. This is also depicted in their products and their mission,” says Chereda.

Chereda’s interest in real estate started in college, using her career as a flight attendant to fund her real estate career. With a degree in Business Administration and Finance, she mastered the analysis of numbers, which has proved to be very beneficial to her real estate career.

Immediately after college, she entered into residential real estate, flourishing into her own real estate brokerage in November 2004.   As a boutique real estate firm, its primary focus was to provide clients with stellar service and informed solutions for their real estate needs. Her clients ranged from builders, homeowners, start-up businesses, investors, and companies needing market analysis. In 2006, the company grew over fifty percent and began servicing commercial business client needs.

After building a lasting reputation with practitioners in the industry, it was easy to make the transition.  Her reliability and dedication to her craft preceded her and after one conversation with someone in the industry, she was introduced to the resources necessary to expand her commercial career.  Fast forward to 2022, she closed a major commercial deal for Honey Pot, which exemplifies the magnitude of her commercial real estate practice and more accolades to come.

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