SZA’s Saturday Night Live look was absolutely dreamy, and celebrity hairstylist Devante Turnbull, is responsible for her gorgeous hair. Devante used Red by Kiss products for the singer-songwriter’s wig install, and he shared the full breakdown of the magic. Devante reveals six simple steps to his perfect wig install so you can slay yourself at home. Here’s how:

Step One: Prep

“After a fresh braid down, I applied a light brown wig cap and topped it off with the Tinted Lace Wig Powder in the color light warm brown with a lace wig brush. I love how this powder is super light.”

Step Two: Blend

“Then I lightly used the Lace Tint Spray under the wig in the color light brown warm. This in combination with the lace wig powder helps with a super seamless wig install.”

Step Three: Secure

“To apply the wig I first used an alcohol wipe to get rid of any excess oils or makeup. I sprayed about 3 layers of the Styler Fixer Lace Bond Spray. Waited for it to become tacky before I laid down the lace. To further secure I used my blow dryer on the low cool setting for about 2 mins after laying down the lace. Next, I tied down the front of the lace with the Fashion Edge Band before styling.”

Step Four: Detangle

“I sprayed the hair down with a water bottle to help define the natural curl while [I] finger detangle simultaneously. [Then] following it up with a diffuser to ensure curl definition with no frizz.”

Step Five: Style

“After [SZA’s] hair was completely dry I slightly curled a few pieces of hair with my small curler.”

Step Six: Set the Style

“To lock in the curl I used the Styler Fixer Freeze Hair Spray. This ensured that with any movement on stage the curls would not fall.”

“This method of installing is perfect for quick wig changes,” Devante says. “It’s easy to remove without damaging your hair. I love it especially for stage performances because the Styler Fixer Lace Bond Spray is sweat resistant and water-proof.”

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