On June 30th, Kim Baker’s GLAMAZON Beauty cosmetic line will be the first Black-owned brand of any kind to be available for purchase on ShopHQ.

 Legendary beauty icon Kim Baker is making history with the launch of her GLAMAZON Beauty cosmetic line on ShopHQJune 30th. Glamazon Beauty is a premier cruelty-free, high-quality beauty line catering to all skin types and features an array of nourishing face, lip and eye products such as hydrating lip gloss, vegan foundation and concealer. “ShopHQ is excited to announce GLAMAZON Beauty as their newest retail partner in this  monumental month celebrating Juneteenth,” states a ShopHQ senior executive. “GLAMAZON Beauty will be the first Black-owned beauty brand to launch on Shop HQ on Thursday, June 30th 2022.”

Kim states: “I am excited to align with ShopHQ and make history by becoming the very first Black-owned beauty brand to launch on its network.” “Together we are creating the change we wish to see in the world.”

In addition to being the Founder and CEO of Glamazon Beauty, Kim is also a celebrity makeup artist whose client roster includes Angela Bassett, Toni Braxton, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Tom Cruise. She entered the beauty world as a 13-year-old model, later garnering huge success as a plus size model in the 90’s. 30 years later Kim continues to be a trendsetting innovator and a legendary figure in the world of beauty.

“I established the GLAMAZON Beauty brand out of my frustration in not being able to find products that match my skin tone and that felt weightless. I wanted a skin-like finish to look and feel like myself but a little prettier.”

Follow ShopHQ’s Facebook(@ShopHQOfficial) and Instagram page(@ShopHQ) to catch Kim Baker live on June 29th. A full suite of GLAMAZON Beauty cosmetic products will be immediately available on, on June 30th. 

Photo Courtesy of Glamazon Beauty