Ty’Nelle is best known as the woman with a bright smile and a quick business sense. This Westside of Chicago native is all about being the best version of herself while living her life aloud on her social media platforms @iamtynelle, as means of assisting others in becoming their best selves and learning the power of self-love through GOD’s love.

Can you tell us who is Ty’Nelle?

I’m a single Black Nigerian Queen from the Westside of Chicago whose main purpose in the earth is what some would call a disrupter. Meaning that I shake up the state of “stuck” for people who desire to be more than they currently are, encourage them to love themselves to the fullest, and be the best version of themselves possible. Being a multipreneur who leaps into a new venture no matter my situation, I am what resilience as a person looks like. I am the mother of my awesome business partner, 12 amazing Godchildren, and a slew of my son’s friends who call me mom, and I love it. I am the product of abuse, deceit, illness, and homelessness under the hand of GOD. My focus is to leave this earth with a legacy and wealth for my children and their generations to come. My motto is, “Always Ahead, Never Behind.”

Growing up, did you always have a desire to become an entrepreneur? 

Not at all. I wanted to be a pediatric nurse to help babies heal. I didn’t have a normal child’s life being in a place of fear and harm. Most of what was said to me was to shut up and that I wasn’t capable of being anything but trash (HA! LOOK AT ME NOW, LOL!). I was never taught about entrepreneurship or ownership of anything because my mother and her husband didn’t own anything and had no clue about running businesses. I had to find my way while fighting my way out of a state of depression. I was disrupted by a brilliant disrupter who met me where I was mentally and made herself available to me. I was already quick for a comeback since I was sent out on my own straight out of high school, but I learned how to control my mental status. From that, I understood the need to own something for myself. Wanting to leave a family business for my lineage is my drive.

 With all your companies, you chose to give each a uniquely powerful name. Can you tell us the reason this was important for your brands?

GOD has been a major source. I am a true believer that your name is who you are—powerful name… powerful company. I want every brand and company that will prosper under my name/that I am involved with to impact the earth with positive vibes and prosperity.

Many hear makeup and automatically think of cosmetics, but you did something different. Can you tell us what exactly is “My Melanin Makeup” and what motivated you to launch?

Yeah, so I do get that a lot. MY MELANIN MAKEUP is the structure of Black people. It’s about who we are as a culture, and every creation that I design reflects us. It mirrors the beauty of us, the sassy sexiness of the black woman, and the swagginess of the black man.

 Has crafting always been a passion, and what type of products are offered from “My Melanin Makeup”? 

Yes. It was my hideaway from the abuse, and it balanced out the loneliness. It became a place of serenity for me. Literally, what the devil meant for evil GOD turned it around for my good. I would make bracelets and keychains out of crafting string, twist paperclips into rings, and I started to love glass beading. These memories put a smile on my face!!!! It turned into my very 1st jewelry business, where I created a line of jewelry that reflected who I was growing into. Now, I get to revisit my love for crafting by making inspirational pieces for all the beautiful shades of brown that I see daily. I’m motivating others to be what I have learned is absolutely beautiful… Be your truest self.

You’re also the CEO and founder of “Royal,” a name I completely love. Can you tell us the motivation behind “Royal”?

While I was working, GOD dropped a picture of a light bulb with a crown on top in my head. I asked for clarity, and I heard from him “Royal Ideas.” Since that name was unavailable, I jumped on the phone with our communications director for a few hours while searching for the perfect way to get the name GOD gave me. I looked at domain names, and after a few hours of searching and realizing that I wanted a corporation situation, I chose

You are also the CEO & Co-Founder of a radio station; can you tell us more about the F2G Network and what is the meaning of F2G?

Faithful 2 GOD (F2G) is a Christian-based network owned by myself and my son with an amazing Executive Team. It is the hub for our programming systems. We started with F2G Entertainment which hosts our LIVE and virtual events. Due to us needing to offset funding, we added a merch line for the company, F2G Apparel, with a line of Tees and mask covers that will be expanding with some new gear. After hosting F2G Radio on FB for a few months and going over to a station for five months, I wanted to make the move to producing a global black family-owned entity, and F2G Radio Network was born. We moved our show over first, produced shows from within next, then finally opened up the airwaves to some program segments, which we are happy to now call family. We currently host eight live and three pre-recorded shows and continuous music around the clock.

Being a serial entrepreneur, do you find it difficult to balance your business and personal life?

Yes! Omgosh. Honestly, because a few of my endeavors are start-ups, it requires more intentional and detailed scheduling. So, it’s a bit overwhelming at first, but I know how to adjust and make sure that everything is being tended to. Also, I have such a cool team, and we’re more like family, so family time is never an issue.

What advice would you give someone that is looking to start a business or a radio station?

Seek God 1st! Like seriously, write the vision and make it plain is what the bible instructs us to do. Pray that everything lines up with GOD’S blueprint for your life.

What would you like our viewers to gain from reading this interview?

I want each and every one of you to gain another level of self-love. Allow GOD to love you the way HE does, unconditionally. Forgive yourself for all that you have done or said because HE has. Learn to love yourself and all your flaws. You are beautiful!!! Rock that Melanin!

How can people remain connected with you and learn more about your brands?


Photo Credits: @Proshotsraphael