“Every sunset is an opportunity to reset. Every sunrise begins with new eyes.” – Richie Norton.

When life hands you lemons, the first thought is to make lemonade. Yet, what happens when life gives you a lesson? For Brooke Jones, it meant that a change was needed, and she took the lesson and made herself a ten-figure entrepreneur.

Jones worked long nights and double shifts to provide for her children. She was a single mom who was suddenly sentenced to federal prison, and after serving a few months in jail, it was time to reset. “I promised my kids that I would never go back again,” the entrepreneur said.

She kept her promise and found significant success as an Instagram model. Jones took this opportunity and turned her booming social media business into a multimillion-dollar franchise. What helps her stand out? She has confidence like no other and hustles on a level that many can’t reach.

Being multitalented and excelling as an Instagram model, business owner, e-commerce mogul, and more gave Jones many career highlights. Yet her most notable is something that many aspire to do. She said, “My notable career highlight is flipping a $5,000 brand investment into a now eight-figure business.”

She created The Hidden Vault Energy Drops, an intimacy care line dedicated to spicing up people’s intimate lines—a brand that now grosses millions annually. She also channeled her success into real estate and now owns a million-dollar portfolio. Soon after, she created Bodied By Brooke.

Even though Jones improved her life, moving forward wasn’t easy. 

“It was difficult maneuvering the way I wanted to as an entrepreneur because the Feds were literally still watching me. Even after pleading in the case and getting my sentence handed down to me, the terms of my sentence left me under strict supervision,” the model said. “Being a millionaire and all the things that I did for my community to show that I turned my life around did not matter to the court system. I was still their property until the sentence was over, and that became depressing for me.” 

No matter what, she kept going, even publishing a book, “From Bars to Boss,” which details her struggles as a single parent and how she moved on from her past hardships and found success.

Images courtesy of The Jamison Agency