Los Angeles sister duo, Ceraadi proves that there just isn’t anything like a bond between sisters. Saiyr and Emaza of Ceraadi are not only making a name for themselves in the world of music but their fans are obsessed with their diverse, soulful voices. We caught up with the two artists to discuss the release of their holiday single, an upcoming EP, and what it was like performing at The Mint LA.

Tell us about your holiday single, “Christmas with You.”

‘Christmas with You’ is a new twist to a holiday song. It’s something fresh that all ages can get lit to with their friends and family members.

Tell us about your performance at The Mint LA just recently?

Our performance at The Mint LA was amazing. We received so much love, especially for it being our first headlining show. We had ‘Ceriders’ (our fans) that came out from Canada, Florida, Georgia, Arizona etc just to see us. 

What plans do you guys have set for 2020?

Releasing an EP, more music videos, breaking records that we created in 2019. 12 million streams on our single ‘Loyal’. Performing at major festivals. 

What do you hope to achieve in the years to come?

Greatest, most iconic girl group of all time. Performing at award shows. Breaking records set by other artists. Giving back doing charities. Merchandise, acting, you name it. We want it all, we want to do it all.

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Featured Image provided by Natasha Westfield