Makeup was never my thing. It took too long to apply and most of the time the eyeshadow was dang near invisible. C’est Moi Beauty changed that for me. Their Visionary Metallic Makeup Crayon Set, Lid Love Cream Eyeshadow and Flushed Lip & Cheek Balm compliment this brown skin girl well. I don’t have to constantly apply and reapply. I can go about my day with confidence knowing that my eyeshadow looks fresh and my lips are glowing. The vibrant colors are perfect for all skin tones and will carry you through each season. The best part? My bank account is still intact. With these new items, I’ll be a makeup pro by the end of 2021.

C’est Moi Beauty is available on Target and select Target stores nationwide, as well as C’est Moi’s official website.


All images courtesy of C’est Moi Beauty