Naomi Raine on universal healing through music and travel.

Prophetic psalmist, worship leader, and singer/songwriter of Maverick City Worship, Naomi Raine lives out her mandate with powerful intention. With her soul-stirring powerful intention. With her soul-stirring voice, guitar, and pen, Raine has been singing since the age of four. The melodious minstrel began writing at the age of seven, and God has used her singing and songwriting abilities to bring healing to the masses. SHEEN had a chance to sit down with this prophetic lyricist to discuss how music and travel can bring healing, deliverance, and restoration.

What are some ways that music can bring about healing and help people develop a new mindset?

Music brings about healing and helps our mindset because music is super spiritual. It affects our mood, and when a song gets stuck in our head, it’s the thing that replays over and over. So if the lyrical content is positive, uplifting, and true… Then it works, not just stuff that feels good. I could sing al day, “I’m a size two,” but it’s not true, even when we say affirmations. If it’s not based on the truth it’s not going to change us, it’s not going to shift us. When we hear things of truth it helps heal us. There will always be something that’s trying to take our mind and distract us from God’s goodness. But I think goog music brings us back to the goodness of God, if it’s pure if it’s lovely, it brings us back to see the Glory of God. It allows us to see God in the world and bring Glory to His goodness.

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