If you’re on a quest for empowerment, if your soul is seeking the echo of sisterhood, or if your heart yearns for a boost of encouragement, then let me introduce you to the “I Am Woman” conference. Hosted by the dynamic Sylvia High, a formidable CEO, master coach, and unparalleled training trainer, this event is more than just a gathering—it’s a movement. Within its realm, voices from diverse backgrounds unite, declaring their strength and purpose. With Sylvia at the helm, attendees delve into a transformative experience, realizing the power that’s always resided within. Dive in and celebrate not just an event, but a vision led by a woman who champions our collective worth and potential.

As the host of this women’s empowerment conference, please share a bit about your personal journey and what motivates you to champion women’s empowerment.

For years, I played small, believing I had far less potential than I actually did. I was waiting for someone else to validate me and permit me to step fully into my power. After years of playing safe, fitting in, and ignoring my calling and gifts, I got sick and tired of being sick and tired.

So, I took a big leap and started my transformation journey through training and coaching. The catalyst for this change was a conversation with someone who said, “You can never fail when you go for what you want. Even if you miss the mark, the person you become by going for it is greater than the woman who thought about it but didn’t.”

Can you highlight a few of the guest speakers and their unique perspectives or experiences that will make your conference a must-attend event for individuals seeking empowerment and inspiration?

Certainly! I think of four amazing, incredible women:

First, Teneshia Jackson Warner is a dreamer at heart who took her dream and pursued it with every fiber of her being. She believes all profit should have a purpose, including for the good of those you serve.

Germaine BoldsLeftridge, CEO of GBL Sales, has launched her successful skincare line. She also curates the Ubiquitous Women’s wellness expo that serves over 10,000 women a year, all while being a generous soul who helps other women as they achieve their goals.

Then we have Dr. Felicia Phillips, a master business strategist, CEO of PPICW Inc., and visionary for MogulCon – where she teaches women how to create and sustain viable businesses and not engage with their ideas as if they are only hobbies. She believes anyone can be a mogul and coach from this vantage.

Lastly, Minister Raynae Taylor, CEO OF Cutting-Edge Institute. I am in awe of her ability to self-define and live life from the inside out – it is truly a calling. In her work, she inspires women to live boldly and with integrity with who they are versus who the world says they are.

What inspired you to create this women’s empowerment conference, and what is the core message you hope attendees will take away from it?

Women are the most powerful beings on Earth. They are the only beings that can give life. Yet, very few women have defined for themselves what it means to be a woman. Instead, they allow the world to define who they should be and how they should be as women. 

More than often, women do not stop to ask themselves what it means to be a woman on their terms. I have discovered very few women who have stopped to ask themselves this question.

It is time for women to define their womanhood. It is time for them to find their voice, own their power, and create their path.

Could you share some highlights or key speakers’ attendees can look forward to at your upcoming event?

This year’s conference features many topics, from self-discovery and empowered thinking to tapping into your authority and creating your life. With dynamic speakers, inspiring imagery, reflective prompts, soulful music, and engaging exercises to connect the spirit and heart, you’ll be inspired to step into your power and live your best life.

This year’s theme is BELIEVE. Our beliefs are the vehicles that transport us from where we are to where we want to be.  Some focused sessions include Redefining Hustle Culture, Mastering the Art of Manifesting, Release the Body, Free the Spirit, and Quiet the Mind. 

Attendees will learn from leading women experts how to overcome the hustle culture mindset and easily manifest their desires.

Women’s empowerment is a broad concept. Can you elaborate on the specific themes or topics that will be addressed during the conference?

Indeed. I believe women empowerment is the embodiment of you believing in yourself, dreams, and the power of your beliefs to create and live the life you desire. It’s not enough to simply be aware of the beliefs but it’s how you are in action in your life where you not only identify but shape your beliefs to best align with your divine self and heart. That’s why the theme of the I AM WOMAN Conference 2023 is BELIEVE.

Some of the topics include:

  • Living from the Inside Out – we will explore how our internal beliefs influence our external reality. Making subtle distinctions is essential for shifting limiting beliefs into empowering ones to shift our mindset and create the life we desire.
  • Hustle Culture Reimagined – we will dive into reimagining the Hustle and focus on defining for oneself the tone, texture, and pace at which one lives and experiences life.

The conference’s overall goal is for registrants to think of a girlfriend’s weekend with a purpose. One where they would gain clarity, courage, and a roadmap to step boldly and courageously into new terrain and leave with their custom, specific steps to do just that.

Curious to dive deeper and immerse yourself in this tidal wave of empowerment? Wondering where you can gather more information about this transformative rendezvous? Head over to All the intricate details of the event, scheduled for September 23-24, 2023, await your perusal. Explore, engage, and elevate with all the insights our website has to offer.