Music has always had a way of bringing people together. Especially, when it is for a great cause. Dionne Warwick and Chance The Rapper are headed to the studio very soon for a collaboration.

The two are set to record their upcoming charity single, “Nothing’s Impossible.” The proceeds from the track will support two charities, SocialWorks, a Chicago-based nonprofit that Chance founded whose purpose is to empower the youth through the arts, education, and civic engagement, and Hunger: Not Impossible, is a text-based service connecting kids and their families in need with prepaid, nutritious, to-go meals from local restaurants.

The legendary award-winning singer took to social media to share the exciting announcement, stating, “Chance and I will be getting in the studio very, very soon. It’s gonna be a pleasure working with him and his organization, called SocialWorks, as he’s working with mine, Hunger: Not Impossible”, she stated in video posted via Twitter. She continued on, “We’re going to try to do some wonderful things for people that are desperately in need… so keep your eyes and ears open, because we’re getting in that studio soon and we’re going to give you something that you cannot resist.”

Fans agree that Dionne is not only an icon, but a trailblazer as well. One fan tweeted the following response. “Happy New Year, Ms. Dionne Warwick!! You couldn’t resist starting it out with a new project for us to enjoy, and, more importantly, to help those in desperate need. You’ve always been a trailblazing artist and always socially aware and active! Stay safe and well! 🎶🎶“.  Another fan tweeted, “This is going to be SO GOOD!! I love how Ms. Dionne has basically revitalized Twitter. haha. she’s the soothing voice we need right now!!”

The excitement didn’t end there. Chance is definitely looking forward to linking up with the icon. He also took to social media. He shared Dionne’s video and added the following: “THIS IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD FOR SO MANY!! THANK YOU DIONNE THE SINGER!! WE GON MAKE A DIFFERENCE WITH THIS ONE!!”

Finally, the friendly exchange between the two first began at the end of the year when the singing legend asked the “Hot Shower” rapper via Twitter.

Both are incredibly talented and many are looking forward to hearing the upcoming collaboration. Are you looking forward to seeing the magic these two will create?