Chanel E. Martin is an award-winning entrepreneur and accountability coach who has created the ultimate success formula to help entrepreneurs around the globe become the authority in their niche.  As the co-founder of the largest club for christian entrepreneurs on clubhouse, Kingdom Business Network (KBN), she has now transitioned one of her most popular clubhouse rooms into a live event tour that will visit major cities including Charlotte, Chicago and Los Angeles. Alongside KBN co-founder Chandler S. Bailey, Chanel has impacted thousands of entrepreneurs in the Clubhouse space, and the “Prophetic Planning For Your Day” (PPFYD) live experience will soon inspire visionaries around the country to take their business and faith journey to the next level.

As a serial entrepreneur, what do you attribute most to your recognition as a leader in the marketplace?

A leader is someone who is a trailblazer, who can show up in their authentic self and I believe, honestly, that’s what makes me a leader. I am not afraid of doing things differently and out-of-the-box.  I’m also not afraid of being my authentic self, and I feel like a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with really putting themselves out there because they’re trying to fit somebody else’s mold. 

How does your company Beyond the Book Media activate entrepreneurs to pursue their good ideas?

We equip entrepreneurs, by teaching them the tools to take their current expertise, their wisdom, the good idea that’s sitting on the inside of them and put it into a book to share with the world. Then we’re helping them to think through strategy on how to take it beyond the book. So you wrote this book, now how can you share that content, those ideas, those thoughts and those lessons with your tribe to ultimately help you create a wider distribution of your brand and help you create recurring revenue. 

Any advice to readers that desire a higher level of impact and recognition in their industry.

Don’t be afraid to be bold, and don’t be afraid to show up. I feel like a lot of entrepreneurs are scary entrepreneurs.  We sometimes want people to like us and approve of us before we stand out, and you have to be okay with making people feel uncomfortable. We’re roughing a little bit of feathers and I’m going against the status quo. I made sure to not separate who I was, to fit who society says I should be. So allow yourself to be all that you are, don’t try to compartmentalize yourself. I think that’s where most small business owners will find their juice, their sauce and whatever it is that makes them shine. That’s one thing I feel like Beyond the Book Media does… will get some church, Jesus, deliverance, a new best friend and a book.

Lastly, what’s next for you? And how can readers connect with you?

Alot! I am looking into establishing a YouTube channel, which is something that I have thought about for years.  I think that usually when God sends me to a place, he brings me to shake something up. I’m going to take my brand, “Wake Up with Chanel” to YouTube, and see what God does with it. In addition, I’m excited to announce the “Prophetic Planning For Your Day” Live Tour.  PPFYD Live was inspired by a clubhouse room that I started back in December of 2020. God instructed me to teach people how to hear the Word of God for themselves. Hundreds of people show up every morning at 8a.m.(EST) to learn and grow their businesses with prophetic inspiration from myself and the moderator team. The PPFYD Live Tour kicks off on October 29, in Alpharetta GA at Beyond The Book Media Studios. 

To stay connected please visit, follow Chanel E. Martin on Instagram and the Kingdom Business Network on Clubhouse. Tickets for the “Prophetic Planning For Your Day” live event  are now available via the Kingdom Business Network page on Eventbrite.



All images by La La Spears